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Single Review: White Orange

The a-side of White Orange’s single “…And This is Why I Speak to You in Parables” unfolds with insistent sheets of gauzy, hazy, druggy guitar figures. A sludgy Sabbathy rhythm section joins in the fun after awhile, giving the track a doom/stoner vibe. Just when the listener has tuned in and turned on to a

EP Review: Wheels on Fire – Cherry Bomb

First of all, the fact that Wheels on Fire‘s Cherry Bomb EP is issued on 45rpm vinyl pushes its cool-quotient up several notches before I even get the opportunity to spin the vinyl. But on listening, it’s even better. “Black Wave” has it all: jangling, spiky guitars, “ooh”-filled backing vocals, sneering lead vocals not miles

Reconsider, Baby: Split Enz – See Ya ‘Round (1984)

Note: “Reconsider, Baby” is my title for a series of occasional essays in which I’ll take a look at albums that were unjustly panned or ignored on their original release. A connection between two seemingly totally dissimilar albums recently occurred to me. By 1972 Creedence Clearwater Revival had an impressive catalog of work behind them.

Cratedigging in Charleston

I just returned from a brief (and mightily needed) weekend getaway to Charleston SC. To say it was hot and humid would be a gross understatement — July is not the ideal time to visit a southern coastal city — but it’s such a lovely place that I actually didn’t mind (and I hate hot

Crate-digging at the Dog Groomers

It’s so long ago now that I can’t nail down a specific date – and even the year is something of a guess – when it took place. And my memory is completely blank as to how we found out about it. But it was a big deal nonetheless, one that set me on a

The Future of Vinyl

With the recent Record Store Day, I’ve been thinking more about this subject, and it reminded me of a brief piece from a couple years ago. I was interviewed by fellow music journalist Martin Halo. He compiled notes based on my ramblings, and put together the piece below using my words. As such, blame me

Album Review: The United States of America – s/t

It’s easy to forget that in 1968, getting weird and unearthly sounds on your album (assuming you wanted them; plenty did) was no easy task. There were no presets, no samples; if you wanted the whooping effect of a ring modulator, you had to find one, and then figure out how to operate the damn

Album Review: The Pretty Things — S.F. Sorrow

The 1968 album S.F. Sorrow by The Pretty Things is an exemplar of a band, pushed to the wall, rising to the occasion and producing a classic. Prior to this, the Pretties were thought of as more-Stones-than-the-Stones, with their raw, r&b-based rock. S.F. Sorrow would change all that. The loose narrative is based on a

Profile: Lance Wille, Record Collector

Born: October 19, 1963 Education: Art studies at Northern Illinois University, Dekalb IL Avocation: Fairview resident Lance Wille is a busy man with diverse interests. He maintains a hand-cranked letterpress studio. He plays drums with underground legends Reigning Sound. He’s married to renowned local artist Sue Million. And he has an extensive collection of LP