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Teenage Underground: The Beginnings of The Red Rockers (Part 3 of 3)

Continued from Part Two… Between live dates in and around San Francisco, The Red Rockers pestered Howie Klein to give them a record deal. Klein and business partner Chris Knab […]

Teenage Underground: The Beginnings of The Red Rockers (Part 2 of 3)

Continued from Part One… The Red Rockers played locally and began to develop a following. And they traveled as far as Houston and Atlanta, playing gigs in those larger markets […]

Teenage Underground: The Beginnings of The Red Rockers (Part 1 of 3)

New Orleans (by way of San Francisco) foursome The Red Rockers scored a hit in in 1983 with “China,” a single from the band’s second LP Good as Gold. Reflecting […]

Album Review: The Westbound Sound

Armen Boladian’s Westbound Records was an important force in the funk and r&b scene of the late ‘60s and early 1970s. With Funkadelic as its anchor artist, the label turned […]

Album Review: Mushroom – Messages from the Spliff Bunker

A kind of indie-underground supergroup, Mushroom is at its core the brainchild of Pat Thomas. Combining avant-garde, free jazz and krautrock influences and textures might – to the causal listener, […]

Album Review – R.E.M. – Up

As I’ve noted previously, while I was a major fan of R.E.M. in the band’s early (I.R.S. era) days, by the CD era, I began to tune out. Again, it […]

Album Review: Eddie Roberts & The Lucky Strokes

Eddie Roberts can pretty much do it all. Guitarist in The New Mastersounds, he’s also a producer and label owner, applying his gifts to the work of other artists on […]

Album Review: 3 – Rockin’ the Ritz

As I and many others have often pointed out, the 1980s were a tough time for progressive rock bands. A few thrived: King Crimson, in its own fashion, was among […]

Album Review: — Eternity

Shimmering modern psychedelia with a tuneful foundation is at the core of Eternity, the new album from aka Tom Powell. His liquid, phase-shifted guitars and laid-back vocals are part […]

Album Review: Neon Leon – 1979-84 Singles Collection

Here’s one out of left field. I’ll admit a complete lack of knowledge of Neon Leon, but even a few seconds into “Rock ‘N Roll is Alive,” the opening track […]