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Album Review: Marshall Crenshaw (s/t)

Music is a powerful emotional trigger. It’s widely understood that we commonly associate specific songs with distinct memories, and that connection between the two increases the vivid quality of the […]

Book Review: Cream: Clapton, Bruce & Baker Sitting On Top of the World

Author: Edoardo Genzolini Schiffer Publishing 2023, 144 pp. $24.99 I was quite impressed upon absorbing Eduardo Genzolini’s masterful 2023 book, The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years, 1964 to […]

Album Review: GA-20 – Live in Loveland

Even when their studio work is superb, some artists are simply best experienced live. So it is with GA-20, the two-guitars-and-drummer trio. Their most recent studio effort, 2022’s Crackdown is […]

Album Review: The Satyrs – Don’t Be Surprised

The point has been made often – and by many writers besides and before myself – that in the wake of the success of British Invasion bands like the Beatles, […]

Album Review: Chris Church – Radio Transient

From one perspective, the pop landscape is populated with artists taking different approaches to their work. On one end of this particular spectrum lies the “consistent” artist. He, she or […]

Book Review: On Track… Spirit

Spirit is one of those bands that rarely gets its due. Co-led by supremely gifted drummer Ed Cassidy and his stepson Randy California (so named by Jimi Hendrix), the group […]

Album Review: Steve Stoeckel — The Power of And

Reviewing music is very much a subjective endeavor. Even when a critic seeks to provide useful cues and references to help readers form their own opinions about the music, it’s […]

Album Review: The Cash Box Kings – Oscar’s Motel

Co-leaders Joe Nosek (on blues harp and vocals) and Oscar “Mr. 43rd Street” Wilson (vocals) know their way around the high energy Chicago variant of the blues. Save for the […]

Hundred Word Reviews, May 2023 Part 3

Jason Blake – Subsequent Ruins Seeing the 7D Media logo on this CD meant that Subsequent Ruins went straight onto the must-hear pile. Y’see, that’s the New Mexico-based label that’s […]

Hundred Word Reviews, May 2023 Part 2

Hey hey – it’s time for some more succinct surveys of superb sounds. Hundred-word stylee. Here we go. Ransom and the Subset – Perfect Crimes It’s been nearly a decade […]