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Album Review: Wally Waller — Kitchen Rock

Wally Waller first found fame as a member of the Pretty Things; not long after joining, he was instrumental in the creation of the band’s landmark conceptual work SF Sorrow […]

Album Review: Allen Ginsberg – Material Wealth

I will admit right up front that I approached this album with some trepidation. Strictly speaking, Allen Ginsberg was a poet, not a musician. And where his work did cross […]

Album Review: Mushroom – Messages from the Spliff Bunker

A kind of indie-underground supergroup, Mushroom is at its core the brainchild of Pat Thomas. Combining avant-garde, free jazz and krautrock influences and textures might – to the causal listener, […]

Album Review – R.E.M. – Up

As I’ve noted previously, while I was a major fan of R.E.M. in the band’s early (I.R.S. era) days, by the CD era, I began to tune out. Again, it […]

Book Review: They Said It

There was a time when daily newspapers had reporters covering the “entertainment beat.” Hell, I remember a time when concerts got reviewed in the paper. Those days are mostly gone, […]

Book Review: All Over the Place

The Rise of The Bangles from the L.A. Underground For a time, The Bangles were ubiquitous. The all-woman foursome from Los Angeles earned the right to be all over the […]

Quick Reviews, March 2024: Archival Jazz Releases

One of the many rewarding consequences of being a music journalist/critic is that I’m often among the first to hear about archival releases. Artists who have already created an extensive […]

Quick Reviews, March 2024: New Releases

The Incurables – Inside Out & Backwards To the extent that one can make generalizations, it’s safe to say that most of the artists on Big Stir Records fall into […]

A Look Back at Johnny Winter Archival Releases

IMPORTANT NOTE: This review concerns the long out-of-print vinyl releases of early Johnny Winter material — The Johnny Winter Story, About Blues and Early Times — NOT any subsequent reissues. […]

Album Review: Anton Barbeau – Morgenmusik/Nachtschlager

Some things in life are a sure thing. One of those is the fact that Anton Barbeau can be counted on to produce fascinating and worthwhile music. His latest release, […]