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Book Review: The White Label Promo Preservation Society Vol. 2

When the first volume of The White Label Promo Preservation Society was published in 2021, the world gained a valuable resource: a passel of knowledgeable and engaging writers shared their […]

Video: My Conversation with David Menconi

On Friday evening, I had the pleasure of engaging David Menconi in conversation, for a livestream event in connection with his latest book, Oh, Didn’t they Ramble. The one-hour stream […]

Book Review: Oh, Didn’t They Ramble

It’s almost always fascinating and illuminating to learn the back story behind successful ventures. And on a creative and artistic level, there are few endeavors as successful as Rounder Records. […]

Book Review: Harold Bronson — Time Has Come Today

By now, most anyone who could possibly care at all has long since heard about Jann Wenner’s latest imbroglio. The Rolling Stone founder’s misogynist, sexist and racist perspectives – shared […]

Update: What’s the Big Idea

UPDATE: I’m revising this page whenever there’s new news. — bk I began work on my third music-related book a few months ago. I’ll be delivering the finished manuscript for […]

Book Review: In Your Mind – The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono

It’s difficult to think of an artist more unjustly maligned than Yoko Ono. Whether one appreciates her music or not – for the record, I very much do – it’s […]

Book Review: Cream: Clapton, Bruce & Baker Sitting On Top of the World

Author: Edoardo Genzolini Schiffer Publishing 2023, 144 pp. $24.99 I was quite impressed upon absorbing Eduardo Genzolini’s masterful 2023 book, The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years, 1964 to […]

Book Review: The Monkees: Made in Hollywood

For those of us of a certain age, The Monkees are an important part of our world, woven into the pop culture fabric of our lives. Their TV show was […]

Book Review: On Track… Spirit

Spirit is one of those bands that rarely gets its due. Co-led by supremely gifted drummer Ed Cassidy and his stepson Randy California (so named by Jimi Hendrix), the group […]

Book Review: It’s the Truth

As someone who enjoys a deep dive into the making of creative works, I’m predisposed toward a new book like Simon Wright’s It’s the Truth: Making The Only Ones. Books […]