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Tedeschi Trucks Band Shoots for the ‘Moon’ with Four-album Project (Part 2)

Continued from Part One… The creative wellspring from the Tedeschi Trucks Band’s 12-member ensemble yielded a lot of worthy material. “That was the direction we just kind of went with,” Tedeschi says. “Whatever was a great song and really sounded strong and could carry its own was going to be part of the project.” But

Tedeschi Trucks Band Shoots for the ‘Moon’ with Four-album Project (Part 1)

In a popular music era defined by singles, shuffle play and short attention spans, rock/soul revue Tedeschi Trucks Band is pursuing an unlikely path. The powerhouse collective led by wife-and-husband due Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks has recorded a thematically-linked set of albums – four in total – and is rolling them out on a

Susan Tedeschi: To ‘The Moon’ … and Beyond

This is the first of two features focusing on Susan Tedeschi and the Tedeschi Trucks Band, the group she leads with husband Derek Trucks. Taking a page from the classic early ‘70s Mad Dogs and Englishmen musical revue – and adding its own original songwriting, character and musicianship – has been a winning approach for

Album Review: Donovan’s Brain – Chiêm Bao Thấy Bậu

I’ve reported on and/or reviewed the music of Donovan’s Brain on multiple occasions over the last decade or so. While I seem to have missed some of their releases, I’m on record as recommending at least three of the ones I did know about. And the latest is no exception, even though it’s remarkably different

Album Review: Dave Scarbrough – Happy Ever After

Even if I don’t recognize an artist’s name, if he or she is releasing music on one of a select group of labels, that’s enough to attract my attention. Trademarks of quality, one might say. Futureman Records is one such label, and so I was receptive when I received a CD, Happy Ever After by

Album Review: Deniz Tek – Long Before Day

In music, there are a handful of artists who are incorrectly assumed to be form one place while actually being form another. The Bee Gees are thought of as an Australian group, but all three (well, four if one counts brother Andy) were born on the Isle of Man. Radio Birdman was one of the

Album Review: Maple Mars – Someone’s Got to Listen

When Maple Mars released Galaxyland in 2010, I was thrilled. Thought it was the group’s fourth album, Galaxyland was my introduction to the group led by Rick Hromadka. And what an introduction it was, drawing from some of the best high-energy and creative influences in rock, yet never becoming overwhelmed by them. In short, Maple

Album Review: Freedy Johnston — Back on the Road to You

Freedy Johnston is one of those artists whose name has long been familiar to me, but whose music I had somehow never encountered. Odd, that, as he’s somewhat difficult to miss: Johnston released his debut, The Trouble Tree in 1990 and has followed that up with more than a dozen albums since. As a songwriter,

Album Review: The Handcuffs — Burn the Rails

If pressed to name a band that embodied a glam sensibility with the deep and abiding understanding of the rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, one might come up with Mott the Hoople. At its best, that British group fronted by Ian Hunter created some lasting music. But – save for an aborted reunion tour a few

Album Review: Florence Dore — Highways & Rocketships

I’ve lost count of how many musicians I’ve encountered who bristle at the prospect of being labeled. And while there’s a usefulness in applying a genre label to an artist, I get it: drawing a line around a creative artist can cause people to make snap judgments. Florence Dore is nominally an Americana artist. And