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Nina Hagen: Ten Albums that Changed My Life

Nina Hagen has always cut an unusual figure in pop music. From Berlin in what was then East Germany, she escaped to the West and launched a career as a singer. Nominally working in punk and new wave, her accomplished and powerful operatic vocals transcended those styles. And her music drew from a dazzling array

Last Plane Out: JC Smith’s Escape from Russia

The life of a touring musician is perilous enough: the general hazards of the road make everyday existence a constant challenge. Add to that the threat of war, and it’s enough to rattle the nerves of even the most road-hardened artist. Popular and award-winning Bay Area bluesman JC Smith knows all this firsthand: he was

Stile Antico: Leading without a Leader

What multiple Grammy award nominee Stile Antico does is unusual enough that it’s best to go right to the source for a description. “We’re a 12-voice ensemble specializing in Renaissance polyphony,” explains James Arthur, spokesperson and one of three bass vocalists in the London-based group. Stile Antico (pronounced STEE-lay an-TEE-co) was founded by a group

Candlebox’s Simple Lessons, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Winter 1993 represented a turning point for Candlebox. “We had already sold 250,000 records,” Martin recalls. “We came back to Seattle and sold out three nights at the Paramount.” With the creative winds at their backs – and three million copies of the debut sold – the band returned to the

Candlebox’s Simple Lessons, Part One

’90s hitmakers learn from experience and build on successes In the life of a rock band, ups and downs are inevitable. High expectations are often placed on a band when it scores a monster hit with its debut. And if subsequent albums don’t measure up, both the business and the listening public can lose interest.

A Chat with Blaine Russell

Blaine Russell and wife Christina joined the staff of Fletcher United Methodist Church in 2013. Blaine is Music Director and Christina’s duties include her role as Children’s Music Director. Both have Bachelor’s degrees in voice and Master’s degrees in church music. Blaine’s approach to the music program at Fletcher UMC balances respect for tradition with

In Memoriam

The inevitable nature of focusing upon the rock era means that I find myself interviewing artists who eventually leave us. Here’s a list – and of course it will grow going forward – of music figures who have passed away in the days, months and years since I spoke with them. Keith Allison Bill Bartolin

AUDIO: A Conversation with Tony Levin of Stick Men

For more than a decade now, Musoscribe has been home to my interviews, features, reviews and essays, all in print form. Going forward, I’ll be expanding into audio and possibly even video content. As a little taste of that — and because it’s really worthwhile on its own merits — here’s audio of a conversation

Ethan Russell has ‘The Best Seat in the House’

Among the compelling cast of characters in Peter Jackson’s sprawling Get Back documentary is an American photographer. The dazzling and unlikely odyssey of Ethan Russell is the subject of a new presentation, Best Seat in the House. Growing up in San Francisco during the early years of rock ‘n’ roll, Russell was drawn to the

Joe Kye: Using Music and Technology to Share the Immigrant Experience

Looping – the use of digital equipment to record and play back sounds in real time as a means of musical self-accompaniment – has been around for decades. It’s most often within the realm of guitarists and vocalists, and customarily employed in live performance. But Portland, Oregon artist Joe Kye obviously didn’t get that memo: