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Album Review: The Alligator Records Christmas Collection

By late 1992, the first vinyl era was drawing to a close. At its peak in 1977-78, vinyl LP sales in the U.S. approached 350 million units per year. With […]

Album Review: Love Tractor — Around the Bend (40th Anniversary)

Forty years on, it’s too easy to forget just how fertile a creative ground was the Athens, Georgia music scene of the early ‘80s. Sure, everybody knows about R.E.M. and […]

Album Review: Jackie Wilson — Higher and Higher

A giant in the world of r&b and soul, Jackie Wilson’s career got a big break when Johnny Otis (father of Shuggie) discovered him in the early 1950s. Wilson passed […]

Album Review: The Chi-Lites – A Lonely Man

If I might engage in the vernacular for a moment, streaming ain’t all that. Issues concerning fair remuneration to the artists aside, streaming platforms have many advantages for the listener. […]

Album Review: R.E.M. – Accelerate

Continuing on with my modern-day takes on late-period RE.M. albums – an endeavor inspired by 2023 vinyl reissues of those records – I’ll be less self-indulgent on only provide just […]

Album Review: R.E.M. – Reveal

Imagine, if you will, that it’s 1984. You’re a serious fan of R.E.M., owning and treasuring their debut EP Chronic Town and the pair of albums they released, 1983’s Murmur […]

Album Review: The Lost Generation — Young, Tough and Terrible

From Chicago in 1970 came The Lost Generation. Their sleek, sensuous and soulful sounds is in line with the growing symphonic soul movement of the era. Smooth, layered vocals from […]

Album Review: Andrew Gold — Greetings from Planet Love

Andrew Gold never got the respect or recognition he so richly deserved. He’s best known for his hit single “Thank You for Being a Friend,” a pop tune from 1978. […]

Album Review: A Produce – Land of a Thousand Trances

When it comes to ambient music, the rules are different. The qualities and values that can make a good song – melody, rhythm, hooks – are either wholly absent or […]

Album Review: Ani DiFranco — Little Plastic Castles

One of popular music’s most refreshing and encouraging developments of the last couple of decades has been the rise of the independent artist. True, there have always been occasional artists […]