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Get Bach: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s ‘Bach Beat Symphonies’

Grammy-winning “kid-hop” musician Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is both prolific and adventurous. Since debuting with the 2008 album Easy, the Asheville- and New York City-based artist has carved out a unique niche on the musical landscape. SA23S combines pop and hip-hop into a youth-oriented mix, and does so in a way that broadens listeners’ cultural

Spartanburg Philharmonic Percussion Ensemble: ‘We Don’t Just Hit Things’

This feature appeared previously in Bold Life Magazine. Matt and Adena McDaniel lead an unconventional musical outfit, the six-member Spartanburg Philharmonic Percussion Ensemble. The group began in 2016 as an offshoot of the SPO. Along with Patrick Lowery, the McDaniels were already playing with the Philharmonic. For their premiere performance – a sold-out show as

The Chris Brubeck Interview, Part Four

Continued from Part Three. In this final part of my lively conversation with Chris Brubeck, he relates a funny story about an album he made many, many years ago with Larry Coryell. Again another tangent: I was just listening to a vinyl LP that I bought years ago called Better Than Live by Larry Coryell

The Chris Brubeck Interview, Part Three

Continued from Part Two. In Part Three of my conversation with Chris Brubeck, we talk about the idea of instrumental works still having subject matter, and the mystical communication that can exist between drummers and bassists. And somehow, something happened that I didn’t expect in a jazz interview: the conversation wandered into talking about King

The Chris Brubeck Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One. In this segment of my conversation with Chris Brubeck, he reflects on what he learned from his famous father, and his rather unusual choice of instrument. What would you say are some of the most important musical values that you learned from your father? I think, like for me, it’s kind

The Chris Brubeck Interview, Part One

I spoke with Chris Brubeck in mid-February 2020; the primary reason for the interview was in connection with then-upcoming concert dates featuring the Brubeck Brothers Quartet. You can guess where this is going. We had a lengthy and lively conversation, one that moved into areas well beyond what the bassist and his drummer/brother Dan –

Kronos Quartet on Thelen’s “Circular Lines” and Kronos’ 50 for the Future

Zürich, Switzerland composer Stephan Thelen has composed four new modern classical works, collected on a new album, World Dialogue. Three of the string pieces are performed by Polish all-female ensemble the Al Pari Quartet. One of those pieces, “Silesia,” was composed expressly for the Al Pari Quartet. The other track on World Dialogue, “Circular Lines”

Kronos Quartet Meets the Music of Pete Seeger

Ever since its inception in 1973, Kronos Quartet has been pushing the boundaries of music. The San Francisco-based ensemble has made a mission of finding unexplored connections between seemingly disparate musical forms, bridging the gaps between genres, and redefining musical categories. One of Kronos’ current projects is a new album celebrating the work and influence

Sing Along with the Society

This feature appeared previously in the (pre-pandemic) December 2019 issue of Bold Life. In the early years of the 20th century, New York City socialite Florence Foster Jennings earned a reputation as the world’s worst opera singer. Her lack of talent was matched only by her lack of self awareness. But she was an outlier;

Classical Crossover with ‘HSO Presents’

Note: This story appeared previously in Bold Life Magazine in Fall 2019; the dates mentioned refer to 2019 shows as well as performances scheduled for 202 (but ultimately canceled in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic). In an effort to expand the breadth and depth of its cultural reach in Western North Carolina, the Hendersonville