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Album Review: The Grass Roots — The Complete Original Dunhill/ABC Hit Singles

It’s common knowledge that many rock and pop groups of the 1960s sat on the sidelines while seasoned studio musicians (see: The Wrecking Crew) played on the songs credited to those bands. As is often explained, it wasn’t necessarily that these bands couldn’t cut it in the studio; it was more about expediency: a drummer

Album Review: The Mamas & The Papas – A Gathering of Flowers

By my rough count, there have been more than twenty – yes, twenty – compilations attempting to distill the catalog of The Mamas & The Papas down to a disc or two. For me, the 1969 LP 16 of Their Greatest Hits was my introduction to the group. And while it was good – hell,

Album Review: David Ruffin – My Whole World Ended / Feelin’ Good

Sure, everybody knows The Temptations, and their many hits, including “My Girl,” and “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” both featuring lead vocals of David Ruffin. But fewer – especially those who followed the pop charts rather than the R&B one – are familiar with Ruffin’s solo work. This set pairs Ruffin’s first two albums (both

Album Review: Blood Sweat & Tears – The Complete Columbia Singles

For some years there, BS&T was a true hitmaking juggernaut. And a lot of their music was – for whatever reason – the kind of thing that your parents might have admitted to liking, too. Maybe that’s down to the tight horn work, done to arguably less appealing effect by Chicago. Or maybe it’s the

Album Review: Tower of Power — Hipper Than Hip

  For quite a number of years – primarily the mid 90s to around 2006 – I was immersed in a consuming hobby of sorts: I collected and traded bootlegs (aka ROIOs or recordings of indeterminate origin). For me, listening to unreleased recordings of artists I like – studio outtakes, live concert tapes, radio broadcasts

Hundred-word Reviews: Reissues

Those CDs continue to pile up here at Musoscribe World Headquarters. And even after I cull the unsolicited or semi-solicited ones that don’t make the cut for coverage, I still end up with more music than I can possibly cover in the depth of detail I’d like (and that they deserve). So occasionally – and

A Conversation with The Tubes’ Founder Bill Spooner, Part Five

Continued from Part Four… “We’re waiting for an investor. Maybe it’s you.” Bill Kopp: I remember something from a little later in The Tubes’ career, from The Completion Backwards Principle era tour. The way you opened the show was that you’d all come out dressed in business suits, with briefcases. But you weren’t in that;

A Conversation with The Tubes’ Founder Bill Spooner, Part Four

Continued from Part Three… “No one would get my wheelchair.” Bill Kopp: We’re talking about the songs on The Tubes‘ 1977 album Now, and whatever comes to your mind about each of them. Side Two continues with “I’m Just a Mess.” Bill Spooner: That’s a Roger [Steen] song. He came over to my place when

A Conversation with The Tubes’ Founder Bill Spooner, Part Three

Continued from Part Two… “If I get you guitar lessons, will you stop playing that?” Bill Kopp: Let’s talk about the Now album from 1977. Bill Spooner: What do you know about the album? Do you know the circumstances behind that album? BK: I’ve understood that it was done during a difficult time for the

A Conversation with The Tubes’ Founder Bill Spooner, Part Two

Continued from Part One… “Can’t you control your bitches?” Bill Kopp: If you don’t mind, I’d like to run down the track lists of the Young and Rich and Now albums, and just get whatever comes to mind from you for each song. As much or as little as you would care to say. First