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Album Review: Strange Games & Funky Things, Volume 5

Sometimes it’s a bit of an adventure to wander into a compilation disc without having a clear idea of its thematic angle. I was familiar with earlier comps on the UK-based BBE label – including ones curated by Keb Darge – so I started out from a position of assuming the contents of this disc

Album Review(s) – Concord’s “Definitive” Jazz Collections

I’ll be the first to admit that I know little about modern jazz. I’m no expert on its history, I can’t readily name well-known instrumental classics simply by hearing them, and I certainly can’t play the stuff on my keyboards. I’m a decidedly rock/pop guy, and generally like my music straightforward. So needless to say,

Album Review: Posies – Blood/Candy

Perhaps it’s unfair to expect (or even demand) a known musical quantity from an artist, time and time again. You loved the first album, so understandably you may well want more of the same on the second. But what if the artist is the sort who grows, changes, evolves, mutates? The sound changes over time.

Bootleg Bin: Pastor John Rydgren – Silhouette Segments

There was a brief period — in the late 1960s and early 70s, natch — when mainstream religion tried to get hip. And I don’t mean that in a condescending way, though I myself am a post-dogmatic. Or a “recovering Catholic.” Or a Unitarian; take your pick of labels. But my point is that during

Album Review: Isaac Hayes – Black Moses

In honor of Isaac Hayes and his body of work, here’s a review of a 2009 reissue of one of his most important releases — bk It’s difficult to say anything new about an album that was released to wide acclaim more than 37 years ago. Anyone who has heard Isaac Hayes’ groundbreaking 1971 album

Album Review: Frank Sinatra – September of My Years

In retrospect it’s a bit surprising that Frank Sinatra chose to make an album called September of My Years in 1965. The title song and the overall song selection have the unmistakable air of an end-of-career look back. Sinatra was a mere fifty years old in ’65, and would continue to record for many years

DVD Review: Gold – Before Woodstock. Beyond Reality.

It’s hard to know exactly what to do with this film. Made in 1968 (but presumably re-titled later since Woodstock was in summer ’69), the theatrical feature Gold: Before Woodstock. Beyond Reality. is a mishmash. But that was sort of the intention. Based on the thinnest of plots, the movie follows the exploits of a

Album Review: District 97 – Hybrid Child

Prog is usually thought of as a man’s game, and not without strong evidence to support such a viewpoint. I remember attending a club gig by the amazing Frank Zappa tribute act Project Object; the audience was a veritable sausagefest, and the one woman in attendance didn’t “get” it: she spread a blanket on the

Coming Attractions, Saturday Edition

There’s so much material in the pipeline here at the undisclosed location that is Musoscribe World Headquarters. The only way to relieve a tiny bit of the building pressure is to make a list of it and share it. So here goes. As always, this is only a partial list. Interviews Already in the Can

Album Review: Dodd Ferrelle – Lonely Parades

Note: Dodd Ferrelle is playing tonight (August 13 2010) at the Grey Eagle in Asheville NC. Technically, one supposes that Dodd Ferrelle is a singer/songwriter; he’s obviously spent some time getting his heartfelt lyrics just-so. Yet the eleven songs on his latest Lonely Parades can be enjoyed even if the lyrics are ignored; he’s a