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Album Review: Various — Always Memphis Rock and Roll

For me, the Black & Wyatt Records label is a trademark of quality. Since its launch in 2018, the Memphis label has sought to bring interesting and outside-the-box music to the wider public. And it’s been quite successful on that score: I’ve covered a number of Black & Wyatt releases here on Musoscribe, including titles

Album Review: Scott McCarl — Play On

I am sure we can agree as to the wonderfulness that is The Raspberries’ catalog. “Go All the Way” is pop perfection, taking the “don’t bore us; get to the chorus” aesthetic to the extreme in its quest for rock’n’roll transcendence. And though they released only four albums in their ‘70s run, what a great

Candlebox’s Simple Lessons, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Winter 1993 represented a turning point for Candlebox. “We had already sold 250,000 records,” Martin recalls. “We came back to Seattle and sold out three nights at the Paramount.” With the creative winds at their backs – and three million copies of the debut sold – the band returned to the

Candlebox’s Simple Lessons, Part One

’90s hitmakers learn from experience and build on successes In the life of a rock band, ups and downs are inevitable. High expectations are often placed on a band when it scores a monster hit with its debut. And if subsequent albums don’t measure up, both the business and the listening public can lose interest.

30 Days Out, May 2022 #1: Mountain Skies, Parthenon Huxley, Belle & Sebastian, Little Feat

Asheville draws an eclectic assortment of artists to the region, and the highlights among performances scheduled for the next 30 days is no exception. Event: Mountain Skies Electronic Music Festival Venue: White Horse Black Mountain Date: Fri.-Sun, May 6-8 Door: $25 Okay, so there isn’t a great deal of advance information available about this event.

Album Review: Tony Hazzard — Demonstration

An absolutely delightful if somewhat perplexing collection, Demonstration features thirteen song by Tony Hazzard. The Liverpool-born singer, songwriter and guitarist is best known as a composer; his songs have been recorded by Manfred Mann, the Yardbirds and other sixties British bands. One of Hazzard’s most popular tunes, “Ha! Ha! Said the Clown” was covered twice:

Album Review: The Loud Family and Anton Barbeau – What if it Works?

When two formidable talents get together, one doesn’t know quite what to expect. Auteurs who are accustomed to having things their own way — and who have long since earned the right to do so – can’t automatically be expected to play well with others in a collaborative venture. The product of that creative alliance

Album Review: Cactus — The Birth of Cactus

Cactus was part of the early ‘70s movement of hard-and-heavy rock outfits. Their sound had elements of the approach found in acts as diverse as Blue Cheer and ZZ Top. Growing out of the similarly heavy but substantially different Vanilla Fudge, Cactus featured the rhythm section of Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice, adding a pair

Album Review: The Troggs — The Trogg Tapes

First, a few words about what this isn’t. It’s not the infamous “Troggs Tapes” studio outtake, an audio gem that initially circulated among aficionados and collectors of the strange and hilarious. That tape is a 1970 document of members of The Troggs arguing in the recording studio, and is responsible for adding the immortal phrases

Album Review: Love Tractor — Themes from Venus

It’s worth noting that Atlanta and Athens, Georgia are a mere 70 miles apart. I mention this because back in the 1980s when I lived in the suburbs of Atlanta (I was ultimately in the metro area for some 27 years) and followed the local music scene, it was a common mistake to think of