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Album Review: St. Johns Wood Affair – s/t

An offshoot of sixties collectors’ darlings Nirvana, this group features that band’s Keith Smart. He’s joined on some tracks by Pat Martin of Unicorn; the core group of players backs […]

Flat Sun Society: We Call it ‘Thresh’

Calling both Santa Cruz and Big Sur home, Flat Sun Society makes psychedelic music inspired by the jam band scene, but incorporates other musical elements. “Something that we’re always working […]

Album Review: Mushroom – Messages from the Spliff Bunker

A kind of indie-underground supergroup, Mushroom is at its core the brainchild of Pat Thomas. Combining avant-garde, free jazz and krautrock influences and textures might – to the causal listener, […]

Album Review: Anton Barbeau – Morgenmusik/Nachtschlager

Some things in life are a sure thing. One of those is the fact that Anton Barbeau can be counted on to produce fascinating and worthwhile music. His latest release, […]

The Chocolate Watchband is Still Rocking

Legendary garage band’s story isn’t over yet They’re far from a household name, but among aficionados of sixties garage and psychedelic rock, the Chocolate Watchband is spoken of in reverent […]

Album Review: — Eternity

Shimmering modern psychedelia with a tuneful foundation is at the core of Eternity, the new album from aka Tom Powell. His liquid, phase-shifted guitars and laid-back vocals are part […]

Capsule Reviews for February 2024: More New Rock

Five more capsule reviews. This time it’s music in and around the rock idiom. District 97 – Stay for the Ending By now, most everyone knows the backstory: American Idol […]

30 Days Out, Feb. 2024 #2: Get Right Band, Firecracker Jazz Band, Haken, Mark and Maggie O’Connor

Two acts based in Asheville, two intentionally-touring acts. A wide variety of genres. The so-called “quiet season” continues in and around Western NC. Artist: Get Right Band Venue: Grey Eagle […]

Capsule Reviews for February 2024: Reissues

Today I’ll tell you about five albums from the distant past, newly reissued and deserving of your attention. Steve Cropper – With a Little Help from My Friends Guitarist Steve […]

The Third Mind’s Uncertainty Principle

From one perspective, the sounds made by The Third Mind, a 21st century collective of artists each acclaimed in his and her own right – has little to do with […]