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Hundred-word Reviews January 2016: Compilations

This week-long run of quick reviews wraps up today with looks at five excellent compilation albums. King Curtis – The Complete Atco Singles Real Gone Music swings for the fences […]

Honeymoon Hundred-word Reviews, Part 2

I’m on my honeymoon this week, so I thought it would be a good time to offer up some backlog-clearing entries in my occasional series of Hundred Word Reviews. And […]

The Universe of Captain Sensible, Part One

Concept albums have been around for quite awhile. Opinions differ as to which was the first of the lot: some say The Pretty Things‘ SF Sorrow, while others pick the […]

Album Review: The Cleaners From Venus – Living With Victoria Grey

I sometimes wonder if Martin Newell gets tired of all the Ray Davies comparisons. I mean, the man (Newell) has released something like thirty or forty albums (many of these […]

Album Review: Cleaners from Venus – The Late District

On The Late District, Cleaners From Venus (the nom de pop of Martin Newell) depart ever-so-subtly from their winsome brand of pastoral, homespun pop. Newell dials back (but certainly doesn’t […]

Album Review: The Brotherhood of Lizards – Lizardland

Martin Newell is one of the British Isles’ legendary unheralded treasures. Yes, those in the know understand and appreciate Newell’s particular brand of genius: working with a nonexistent budget and […]

Album Review: The Cleaners From Venus – In Chimp World

In a world rife with uncertainty, it’s comforting to know that some things remain sturdily reliable. One of these things is Cleaners From Venus, the nom de rock of Martin […]

Reconsider, Baby: Captain Sensible’s “The Universe of Geoffrey Brown”

In 1998 Captain Sensible (Ray Burns to his mum) released an album – something like his sixth — that again showcased his versatility. Though Sensible came to (primarily UK) fame […]

Martin Newell interview, part 3

Continued from part two… Bill Kopp: The Cleaners From Venus enjoyed – or endured — a brush with the big time in the UK around the release of ‘Ilya Kuryakin […]

Martin Newell Interview, part 2

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: Are there any real drums on English Electric? Martin Newell: Bits and pieces, yes. You know, I never spilled the beans about what happened […]