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They Might Be Giants: Fans, Phones, Fun and Love

They Might Be Giants released their 20th album, I Like Fun, in January. The two-time Grammy-winning group from Brooklyn established its clever approach to rock ‘n’ roll long ago, as showcased on hits like “Istanbul (Not Constantinople),” “Boss of Me” (the theme from the TV series Malcolm in the Middle) and a highly popular sideline

Like, Fun: They Might Be Giants

Note: an edited version of this feature ran in Brooklyn Paper; the story was written to preview January shows in the NYC borough. Released on January 19, I Like Fun is the 20th studio album from clever Brooklyn-based rock band They Might Be Giants. Co-leader John Flansburgh says that for many years the group’s touring

Book Review: Geek Rock

Rock’n’roll and scholarship make strange bedfellows. At first blush, the idea of approaching the work of rock bands from a scholarly point of view is patently absurd; such juxtapositions give rise to the aphorism (of indeterminate origin) “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” But it can be done – and successfully – if