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Preview: Music Movie Monday – The Stones and Brian Jones

The story of Rolling Stones founder and guitarist Brian Jones is explored in a new documentary, made with the close cooperation of Stones bassist Bill Wyman. A special November 13 […]

Take 5: Five Notable Tracks by Brian Jones

It’s often forgotten now, but guitarist Brian Jones was the founder of the Rolling Stones. Though he would be eclipsed by songwriters Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, in the earliest […]

Five Great Ron Wood Recordings Without the Rolling Stones

More of my “Take 5” antics… Ron Wood celebrated his 75th birthday on June 1. While’s he’s best known as Keith Richards’ co-guitarist in the Rolling Stones (where he replaced […]

DVD Review: Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones

Sometimes I cringe a bit when learning that there’s been made a new film purporting to explore a notorious scandal or controversy of the past. There’s a very high likelihood […]

Book Review: Laurence Myers — Hunky Dory: Who Knew?

When you get right down to it, everybody has a story to tell. Some tales have almost universal appeal, while others are possessed of niche quality. And there’s not really […]

Hundred-word Reviews for February 2019

I’ve been doing these hundred-word reviews for many years now; they’re a handy way to communicate my enthusiasm for new and newly-reissued albums without taking the time for a deep-dive […]

Album Review: The Rolling Stones — Blue & Lonesome

File next to: Eric Clapton, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon Few people expected the Rolling Stones to make a very good (and quite possibly great) album in 2016. The year of […]

Album Mini-review: Bill Wyman — Back to Basics

File next to: Pete Townshend’s Deep End, Ian Dury During his time (1962-1993) with the Rolling Stones, bassist Bill Wyman released three albums that displayed his particular (if low-key) musical […]

Beatles vs. Rolling Stones: Another Round

Back when I was a kid, the Beatles-or-Stones question was a real thing: among my childhood peers, one had to pick a side. That one could like both groups was, […]