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Book Review: All Over the Place

The Rise of The Bangles from the L.A. Underground For a time, The Bangles were ubiquitous. The all-woman foursome from Los Angeles earned the right to be all over the […]

Book Review: Punk Under the Sun

Who knew? Years before gaining a prominent spot in popular culture by becoming filmmakers’ go-to actor when you need to cast a character who dresses and acts weird (and not […]

Book Review: Pull Down the Shades

From the perspective of a North American alt-rock fan of the 1980s, there was a general sense that some interesting things were happening musically Down Under. At the highest level, […]

Book Review: The White Label Promo Preservation Society Vol. 2

When the first volume of The White Label Promo Preservation Society was published in 2021, the world gained a valuable resource: a passel of knowledgeable and engaging writers shared their […]

Hundred-word Reviews, February 2023: Books

These books are all worth your time. ‘Nuff said, but then here’s more. Michael Goldberg – Addicted to Noise Goldberg is a widely acclaimed music journalist who has been at […]

Book Review: Wicked Game

San Francisco and the Bay Area have long been fertile creative ground. Even confining the discussion to music, there’s been a staggering volume of important music coming out of the […]

Book Review: Paul Collins — I Don’t Fit In

One of the finest among the so-called new wave bands of the late-late-late ‘70s and very early 80s (the subgenre’s peak period) was The Beat. Renamed Paul Collins Beat to […]