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Album Review: Caravan — Recorded Live in Concert at Metropolis Studios, London

Even when I was a kid, I’d read the liner notes of the LPs I’d buy. And I’d look at the printed inner sleeves when they were included. It was via those four-color sleeves for Moody Blues albums (on the London label) that I first heard of artists such as Danny O’Keefe, Savoy Brown, Ten

Album Review: Various Artists – The Dutch Woodstock (CD+DVD)

I’m a hardcore Pink Floyd fanatic. Yeah, one of those lot who insists that the stuff they did before The Dark Side of the Moon is filled with untold riches. The sort who (allegedly) has over 200 lossless audio documents of Floyd concerts, some dating back to the Syd Barrett era (though you can’t hear

DVD Review: Last Shop Standing

Here’s a fun little film. While it has no narrator, Last Shop Standing most certainly has a narrative. Stringing together interviews of record shop owners from around the UK, the film charts “the rise, fall and rebirth of the independent record shop” (that’s the film’s subtitle, too). Largely avoiding shops in London, Last Shop Standing

DVD Review: Paul Williams Still Alive

It would seem that filmmaker Stephen Kessler (Vegas Vacation) and I have a lot in common. We both look back fondly upon a fixture of our childhood years: Paul Williams. The quirky and diminutive songwriter / actor / personality was absolutely everywhere in the 1970s. In addition to penning some of the era’s most durable

DVD Review: Brian Wilson, Songwriter 1969-1982

A few years back, a British based concern called Sexy Intellectual released a 2DVD set, Brian Wilson, Songwriter 1962-1969. This three-hour-plus(!) documentary took an in-depth critical look at the work of the Beach Boys leader. Focusing less on the pop culture angle and more on serious analysis of his songwriting, its influences (and influence) and

Album Review: Mitch Ryder – Live at Rockpalast 1979 + 2004

Mitch Ryder is a tricky figure to pin down. Though he enjoyed a brief string of hits in the mid 60s (first with the Detroit Wheels and then as an ostensible solo artist), by the end of the 60s, the commercial marketplace had pretty much made its decision: his career was over and done. But

Album Review: Renaissance – Tour 2011 Live in Concert

“Carpe diem,” quoth the poet Horace. Even in a dead language, wiser words have rarely been written. And while F. Scott Fitzgerald limited his observation to Americans when he claimed “there are no second acts…” occasionally, there are. Renaissance was never an easy act to pigeonhole. At first blush, some might peg them as part

DVD Review: Ike & Tina on the Road 1971-72

If I told you there was a new DVD compiled of a bunch of Ike & Tina Turner‘s home movies, you might well shudder. Thanks to Tina’s biopic What’s Love Got to Do With It, in the minds of a whole generation of potential music fans, Ike Turner is a bad guy, and not much

DVD Review: David Bowie – The Calm Before The Storm: Under Review 1969-1971

It’s a shopworn cliché to claim that David Bowie is and has always been a chameleon. Yes, his music and onstage/public person have gone through a series of calculated ch-ch-changes (there; got that out of the way quickly), but his work has proceeded I nan arguably very linear fashion. Another in the long series of

DVD Review: John Lee Hooker – Cook With the Hook: Live in 1974

“Do you wanna boogie? Do you wanna cook with the Hook?” So implores John Lee Hooker on the audio track of the DVD menu on Cook With the Hook: Live in 1974. A medium-sized festival (historical accounts say 6000 fans, but the video suggests more like a thousand) in Massachusetts was the setting for an