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Album Review: Pop Co-Op – Suspension

Notwithstanding the admittedly impressive technological advances that have made remote collaboration possible, a strong and persuasive case can be made asserting the superiority of music recordings made when all participants are in the same physical space. Words like “immediacy” and “organic” are often used to underscore the assertion that there’s really nothing quite like being

Album Review: Pop Co-op — Factory Settings

It was more than a decade ago when the Spongetones released what would turn out to be their final album, Scrambled Eggs. The group went out (recording-wise) on a high note, with a collection of songs that stood nicely against a backdrop of great albums going all the way back to 1982’s Beat Music. But

Quick Takes, Part Two

More quick-take reviews … Pop Co-op – Four State Solution Making an album via file sharing – instead of the old-fashioned method of gathering in a studio – is now a well-established practice. The title of this set refers to the approach used to make it. Steve Stoeckel’s name will be familiar to pop connoisseurs;