Preview: IPO Liverpool

Bit of a personal note today. I have the extreme pleasure and honor of being the keyboardist in the Steve Stoeckel Band. Stoeckel, of course, is the bassist (and one of three songwriters) in the Spongetones. After his many albums with that group, several with band mate Jamie Hoover (billed as Jamie and Steve) and with his Pop Co-op project, Stoeckel finally got ‘round to making a solo album. And it’s a corker. The album was recorded at home, mostly solo and with other players’ parts flown in (it was the pandemic era, after all).

When the organizers of the International Pop Overthrow festival series caught wind of the album The Power of And, they invited Stoeckel to perform at the Liverpool date. He said yes, but then there was the matter of assembling a band.

As it happens, I am a longtime friend of Steve’s, and an even longer-time keyboardist and vocalist. I don’t write music; I play other peoples’ music, whether they’re covers or songs by the leader of a band in which I find myself. I offered up my services for these gigs (at the world-famous Cavern Club; perhaps you’ve heard of it) and so off I go. In fact, off I went; the gigs are during what we in the US call the week of Memorial Day week (in England it’s the week of Spring Bank Holiday.

If you’re there, come see us.

But hey: I’ll also be at the festival in my role as a music journalist, and as a serious admirer of several of the other artists on the bill. I hope to catch as many as possible live onstage and/or in conversation. These are my favorite; all are highly recommended as well. Hot links to my writing (reviews, sometimes features) about ‘em, too.

  • Cheap Star 28 May 4:30pm – Cavern Pub; 29 May 3:15pm – Cavern Club
  • Dave Rave 28 May 11:15pm – Cavern Pub; 30 May 12:15am – Cavern Club
  • Captain Wilberforce 30 May 11:15pm – Cavern Club; 30 May 10:30pm – Cavern Pub
  • Steve Stoeckel 31 May 9:15pm – Cavern Club; 1 June 5:15pm – Cavern Pub
  • Spygenius 31 May 10pm – Cavern Club; 1 June 10:30pm – Cavern Pub
  • The Len Price 3 2 June 5:15pm – Cavern Pub; 2 June 10pm – Cavern Club
  • Amoeba Teen 2 June 7:45pm Cavern Club; 2 June 10:30pm – Cavern Pub
  • Paul McCann 2 June 12:45pm – Cavern Pub; 2 June 4:45pm – Cavern Club
  • Fernando Perdomo 3 June 2:15pm – Cavern Pub; 4 June 1pm – Cavern Club
  • Ex-Norwegian 3 June 12am – Cavern Pub; 4 June 3:15pm – Cavern Club
  • Nick Frater 3 June 10:45pm – Cavern Club; 4 June 6pm – Cavern Pub
  • Lannie Flowers 3 June 11:30pm – Cavern Club; 4 June 7:30pm – Cavern Pub

Check schedule here for late-breaking changes of in case I got any days/times wrong.