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Album Reviews: The Spygenius Back Catalog

Spygenius – Songs from the Devil’s Typist (circa 2008) Compared to their more recent output – but only in that context – Spygenius’s debut album initially comes off as a […]

Spygenius ‘n’ Me

Long before I knew them as, y’know, actual people I was already well acquainted with the musical riches of Spygenius. It was mid 2020 when I first encountered music by […]

Preview: IPO Liverpool

Bit of a personal note today. I have the extreme pleasure and honor of being the keyboardist in the Steve Stoeckel Band. Stoeckel, of course, is the bassist (and one […]

Album Review: Spygenius — Jobbernowl

Those Cantabrigian masters of melody are at it again. Jobbernowl may sport an inscrutable title, but the music is accessible in the extreme. Spygenius’ knowing way with ear candy tune […]

Album Review: Spygenius – Blow Their Covers

When a group – especially one with a proven track record of releasing high quality original material – appears with an album full of covers, it’s fair to wonder. Have […]

Album Reviews: Big Stir Singles — The Seventh and Eighth Waves

Time was, Jordan Oakes reigned as the tastemaker supreme in the powerpop world. His Yellow Pills compilation series shone a light on the very best that the genre had to […]

Album Review: Spygenius – Man on the Sea

One observation made about The Beatles when they hit America is that they sang without thick Liverpudlian (Scouse) accents; they keys to their success were clearly myriad, but that may […]