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Preview: Music to Your Ears, April 3 – ABBEY ROAD

The Beatles’ swan song, 1969’s Abbey Road is a landmark album. Its legacy and influence have endured in the nearly 55 years since its release. The next installment in the […]

The Beatles, Bootlegs, Artificial Intelligence and ‘Rockin’ Roxburgh’

I’m a lifelong Beatles fan. I discovered Meet the Beatles in my parents’ otherwise kinda-square record collection and was knocked out. That would have been in the late ‘60s, right […]

Interview Roundup: Beatle-Adjacent

I’ve never interviewed any of the Beatles. What I have done – and which may be of some interest to the Beatlemanaic-inclined readers of this site – is speak with […]

Music to Your Ears: John Lennon’s ‘Rock and Roll’

In 1972 John Lennon teamed up with notorious producer Phil Spector to record a collection of rock’n’roll oldies. Those sessions took place in L.A. during a period the ex-Beatle would […]

Album Review: Nick Frater Presents The Rebutles

Rock fans of a certain age know about The Rutles. The legend that lasts a lunchtime, the group was the subject of a mid ‘70s mockumentary called All You Need […]

Album Review: The Beatles and India

Much has been written about The Beatles’ fateful trip to Rishikesh, India, but comparatively little in the way of official documentation of the excursion has surfaced in the ensuing 50-plus […]

Album Review: Jem Records Celebrates John Lennon

Today would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday. Cover versions that stick very close to the original version have their place: witness the appeal of tribute bands. But beyond the […]

Book Review: Laurence Myers — Hunky Dory: Who Knew?

When you get right down to it, everybody has a story to tell. Some tales have almost universal appeal, while others are possessed of niche quality. And there’s not really […]

Take Some Old Songs and Make Them Newer: The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’ at 50

In light of the fact that they’re the most popular rock act in the history of music, the Beatles’ catalog is more than a bit confusing. Though CD-era reissues were […]

Don’t Ever Change: The Beatles’ ‘Live at the BBC’ at 25

The Beatles’ final album, Let it Be, was released in May 1970. With the exception of the 1977 LP The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl and two same-named but […]