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The Shiny, Timeless Pop of Tchotchke

There’s a strong classic pop sensibility running through the songs on Tchotchke, the self-titled debut album by the New York City trio. The three musicians admit as much. “I grew […]

Interview Roundup: The Residents

People sometimes like to joke about The Residents. “Play their records to get your overstaying guests to leave” and such. They’re willfully weird, tauntingly transgressive, aggressively amelodic. Or so goes […]

Interview Roundup: Joe Satriani

It’s one thing to be a technically superb guitar shredder. Lots of axe-wielders can claim that title. But just because one can execute blindingly difficult runs on the six-string doesn’t […]

Interview Roundup: Yes

One day not along ago, I decided to amuse myself by counting up just how many members — present and/or former – of Yes I have had the pleasuring of […]

Interview Roundup: King Crimson

When it comes to progressive music, King Crimson is the heaviest of heavyweights, the most gigantic of giants. Since their formation in 1969 and through myriad changes in personnel and […]

Interview Roundup: CCR

Creedence Clearwater Revival were the Great American Singles Band. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they had the most hit singles; rather it connotes the band’s enduring and indelible place in […]

Interview Roundup: Fantastic Negrito

Xavier Dphrepaulezz aka Fantastic Negrito may well be one of the most important artists of the era. Nominally a blues artist – or at least initially categorized as one – […]

Interview Roundup: The Turtles

Everybody knows the Turtles, and most of us love ‘em. Led by co-vocalists Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, they made some of the best pop music of the ‘60s: folk […]

Interview Roundup: John McLaughlin

There have been few musicians as boundary-pushing and inspiring as John McLaughlin. Form his work with Miles Davis to his pioneering fusion ensemble Mahavishnu Orchestra, from his world music explorations […]

Interview Roundup: Matthew Sweet

While I tend to some pressing matters (good stuff), I’m taking an opportunity to cast an eye back over the nearly 4500 blog entries here on Musoscribe. For the next […]