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The Last(?) Rock & Roll Art Show

Concert posters and album art make up a significant portion of local artist Joshua Marc Levy’s commissioned work. So when COVID-19 led to the widespread cancellation of tours and local shows, he experienced firsthand the financial strain the industry was under. “I was thinking intuitively that [the pandemic] might bring a longer break,” he recalls.

Long Distance Runaround: Rick Wakeman is a True One-man Show (Part Two)

Continued from Part One… While he’d sometimes explain that there was a good reason for not playing a given tune, other times, he’d take the suggestions under consideration. “I do the old actor’s thing at the end of every show in the dressing room,” he says. “I make notes on how everything went, any piece

Long Distance Runaround: Rick Wakeman is a True One-man Show (Part One)

Note: The following first appeared as a feature in New City, previewing a concert scheduled for November 2021. That show has since been postponed to 2021. Because I had already interviewed Wakeman several times in the past, for this conversation I approached him with a different set of questions. I even got to ask him

Catching Up with Fayssoux McLean

I first chatted with Fayssoux McLean in early 2018. Since that time, the feisty and irrepressible singer-songwriter has stayed busy with live performances. McLean is part of several ensembles – a duo with Brandon Turner, the trio Almost Acoustic, the Bluegrass Messengers, her electric band Fayssoux & Company – all showcasing a repertoire that spans

Graham Parker: The Bonus Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Graham Parker: Donna Summer…I have a Donna Summer record. It’s fantastic! I would much rather put that on a stereo than a punk record any day of the week. Having said that, there were some great talents. I just watched a documentary of X-Ray Spex featuring Poly Styrene. It’s a great

Graham Parker: The Bonus Interview, Part One

I recently had the distinct pleasure of conversing with Graham Parker. My third time interviewing him (here’s the first, from 2014; here’s the second, from 2018), this time for a feature that was published by esteemed altweekly Metro Silicon Valley, I took a different approach than our previous chats. While the interview was in connection

Graham Parker: Those ‘Soul Shoes’ Still Fit

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Graham Parker first came to the attention of American audiences during the punk and new wave era of the late 1970s and early ‘80s. As a result, he was sometimes mentioned in the same breath as acts like the Sex Pistols, but musically he had relatively little in common with the

There is the Love: NC Music Hall of Fame 2021

North Carolina has a rich and varied musical heritage. As a means of honoring that state’s contributions to music, the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame was established in 1994. Each year, a select roster of musicians is inducted into the Hall, representing all genres of music. The pandemic forced the cancellation of the 202

Starfarer: To the Synthwave ‘Multiverse’ and Beyond

Though he was already well-established as a metal guitarist, when Miguel Iniguez launched Starfarer in 2017, he was a total newcomer to the world of electronic music. Memories of 1980s horror and sci-fi soundtracks fired his imagination, inspiring him to take his new project in a radically different direction. “I was heavily inspired by John

More from My Chat With Bob Mould (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Part One… Your current rhythm section of Wurster and Narducy has now lasted longer, even, than Hüsker Dü did. What makes this trio work in ways that others may not have as well? There’s a couple simple answers. One is: we’re not yoked to each other 24/7. When we musicians are in full-time,