Avant Garde in WNC: Okapi

Okapi is the duo of Lindsey Miller (cello) and Scott Gorski (upright bass). Originally based in Chicago, they launched Okapi in 2012. While the couple describes their project as a […]

Avant Garde in WNC: Tashi Dorji

Experimental guitarist-composer Tashi Dorji is initially nonplussed when asked how receptive Asheville audiences have been to his brand of avant garde music. “I don’t consider what I do ‘entertainment’ music,” […]

Avant Garde in WNC: Min Xiao-Fen

Min Xiao-Fen relocated to Asheville from New York City in 2020. By that point she was already an in-demand, world-class musician. Min’s primary instrument is the pipa, an ancient lute-like […]

Avant Garde in WNC: It Might Get Weird

Asheville and all of Western North Carolina is home to a wide array of musical styles. Though Asheville is rightly seen as a hotbed of bluegrass and a magnet for […]

Take Five: Phil Collins

Phil Collins is best known as the lead singer and drummer in Genesis, and as a solo artist. His peerless drumming is a key component of what makes those recordings […]

Album Review: Peggy Lee — Norma Deloris Egstrom from Jamestown North Dakota

If you were a rock fan in 1972, chances are good that you had no use for so-called “easy listening” music. That was the stuff your parents and their uncool […]

Album Review: Rick Wakeman — A Gallery of the Imagination

Rick Wakeman is staggeringly prolific. I defy anyone to absorb his entire body of work; hell, even coming up with an accurate count on the number of album’s he’s released […]

Take Five: Andy Summers

Andy Summers is best known as guitarist in The Police, one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands of the 1980s. That band’s reggae-influenced take on new wave […]

“Do Your Parents Know You’re Ramones?!”

“Riff Randell, rock ‘n’ roller.” That’s how P.J. Soles introduces her character in Rock N Roll High School, the cult film that built upon a foundation of B-movies and served […]

The Shiny, Timeless Pop of Tchotchke

There’s a strong classic pop sensibility running through the songs on Tchotchke, the self-titled debut album by the New York City trio. The three musicians admit as much. “I grew […]