Album Review: APB – The Radio 1 Sessions

A postpunk band from rural Scotland near Aberdeen, APB never quite hit the big time. The band released but two albums during its time in the spotlight, though the group […]

The ‘Best Bits’ from My Roger Daltrey Interview

I recently interviewed Roger Daltrey for a short feature [LINK HERE]. Here are some of best bits (so to speak) that didn’t make it into that story. – bk Bill […]

Long Live Rock: The Who’s Roger Daltrey on Touring at 80

Roger Daltrey is one of the most distinctive and inimitable voices in rock. And 59 years after the band he helped make famous released its debut single, Daltrey is playing […]

Arthur or Not Arthur: That is the Question

Landmark Kinks album inspires Chris Tullar’s Not Arthur An acclaimed late sixties concept album provided the inspiration for a local songwriter to conceive, record and stage a concept album all […]

Five Overlooked Tracks from the Kinks’ Theatrical Era

One of rock’s most beloved groups, the Kinks went through several distinct phases during their original run, 1963-96. Their earliest albums and singles carved out an r&b-flavored sound that would […]

30 Days Out, July 2024 #2: Buddy Guy

Twice a month for the last four and a half years-plus, I’ve been telling you about four of the most notable live music events coming to (or near) Asheville. This […]

Album Review: Donovan’s Brain — Fire Printing

I’ve covered more releases than I can easily count by Donovan’s Brain. (Okay, I counted, and it’s at least four. Math’s not my strong suit.) And there’s a reason for […]

Album Review: Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee – Live From the Ash Grove

Growing up in the era of rock, I didn’t stumble across the blues until I was in high school. Frequenting a record store, one day I came across a trio […]

Album Review: Barbara Dane – When I Was a Young Girl / On My Way

With a strong and sonorous voice, Detroit-born singer and guitarist Barbara Dane launched her recording career in the late 1950s. An impassioned political activist, Dane’s music was suffused with an […]

Album Review: Altered Five Blues Band – Testifyin’

A five-song EP recorded in a quick two-day session in Nashville, Testifyin’ is the seventh studio release from this Milwaukee-based quintet. Produced by award-winning Tom Hambridge, the new set showcases […]