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Album Review: 3 – Rockin’ the Ritz

As I and many others have often pointed out, the 1980s were a tough time for progressive rock bands. A few thrived: King Crimson, in its own fashion, was among […]

Album Review: — Eternity

Shimmering modern psychedelia with a tuneful foundation is at the core of Eternity, the new album from aka Tom Powell. His liquid, phase-shifted guitars and laid-back vocals are part […]

Album Review: Neon Leon – 1979-84 Singles Collection

Here’s one out of left field. I’ll admit a complete lack of knowledge of Neon Leon, but even a few seconds into “Rock ‘N Roll is Alive,” the opening track […]

Album Review: Eamon Ra – Dunce Witch Snowman

When we last checked in on the music of Eamon Ra, it was to review his 2020 album Meat Bones Chemicals Electricity. Even though the album title makes me think […]

Album Review: Real People, Great Radio Vol. 2

Indie by definition and indie in spirit, Real People, Great Radio Vol. 2 is a compilation featuring Asheville musical artists. Curated, sponsored and put together by community radio station AshevilleFM […]

Album Review: The Happy Dragon Band

Deep in the cracks between the above-ground music business, creative artists who couldn’t (or perhaps simply didn’t want to) land a label deal created some fascinating work. To be sure, […]

Album Review: UFO — Lights Out (2024 Expanded Edition)

For rock fans, there’s something bracing and life-giving about ‘70s hard rock. At that point in its evolution (so to speak), hard rock was at the apex of its melodicism, […]

Album Review: David Microwave Javelosa – Cyber Steam Cabaret

Pick up this record and give it a quick look; you’ll be forgiven if you mistake it for Crosby Stills Nash & Young’s Déjà Vu. The cover art explicitly aims […]

Album Review: Shiva Burlesque – Mercury Blues + Skullduggery

Independent Project Records continues its dazzling campaign of thoughtfully curated compilation/reissue releases with Mercury Blues + Skullduggery, a 21-track set of music from L.A.-based Shiva Burlesque. With a sound vaguely […]

Album Review: The Ophelias — Bare Bodkin

From a musical perspective, psychedelia’s heyday was the period between the mid- and late 1960s. The style’s influence, however, has endured since then in the form of various artists’ reinterpretation […]