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Real People, Great Radio (Part 2)

Continued from Part One… Community perspective on community radio Volunteer-driven and nonprofit, AshevilleFM was launched to offer a non-commercial, community-focused listening option for Asheville radio listeners. The station’s mission statement emphasizes its goal of “keep[ing] thriving by producing diverse and eclectic programming that inspires our listeners to build connections across our communities and to discover

Real People, Great Radio (Part 1)

AshevilleFM curates all-local project spotlighting Asheville music When the internet developed to the point at which it could support high quality audio and video, pundits prognosticated the imminent death of terrestrial radio. But in the same way that streaming music hasn’t spelled the end of vinyl records, FM radio remains a creative medium, and a

DVD Review: Waiting – The Van Duren Story

In recent years, a remarkably personal style of documentary has come into vogue. Whereas in a traditional documentary, the narrator is both invisible and omniscient, and this new (or newly popular) style, the narrator is very much part of the story, and said narrative tends toward subjectivity. In and of itself, the approach is not

Bruce Iglauer: Alligator at 50 (Part Two)

Continued from Part One… From the artists’ perspective, what makes being on Alligator different? I’ll say this loudly: They’ll never get the personal attention from any other label that they’ll get from Alligator. Even in the days before cell phones, every artist had my home number. And if there was a problem, they knew they

Bruce Iglauer: Alligator at 50 (Part One)

One of Living Blues’ founders, last year Bruce Iglauer celebrated the 50th anniversary of his Chicago-based label, Alligator Records. The acclaimed label commemorated the occasion with a new 3CD compilation, fittingly enough titled 50 Years of Genuine Houserockin’ Music. I chatted with Bruce just ahead of the album’s release date. Your full-page “letter from Bruce”

There is the Love: NC Music Hall of Fame 2021

North Carolina has a rich and varied musical heritage. As a means of honoring that state’s contributions to music, the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame was established in 1994. Each year, a select roster of musicians is inducted into the Hall, representing all genres of music. The pandemic forced the cancellation of the 202

Industry Profile: Area 22 Guitars

Eddie West knows guitars. As the owner of Area 22 Guitars in the heart of Brevard, it’s his business to know what musicians want in electric and acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments and accessories. But for him, it’s more than business: it’s a lifelong passion. West, a North Carolina native, describes his first guitar

Industry Profile: Andy Bishop’s Giraffe Studio

The following is a pandemic-era interview with the head of one of Western North Carolina’s best recording studios. — bk By definition, musicians are a creative lot. So no matter what the style or genre, one is likely to find musicians seeking – and finding – ways to express themselves creatively, even during during a

Book Review: Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area

San Francisco has a rich and varied cultural history. The city by the Bay has been home to a long succession of cultural scenes, from the Beat poets to the psychedelic explosion to the punk and new wave phenomenon of the late ‘70s and early 1980s. Relevant to my own interests, I’m writing a book

Carolina Guitar Show 2020

This story appeared previously in Bold Life Magazine, and focuses on an event that took place almost exactly a year ago today. Let’s hope events like this are once again in our future … and soon. – bk Imagine an event that’s equal parts shopping mall, museum and Antiques Roadshow. That begins to describe the