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Album Review: Silent Partners — Changing Times

The stirring, evocative strings that adorn “Ain’t No Right Way to Do Wrong,” the opening track on Silent Partners’ debut album Changing Times, serves notice that the group is no rote blues trio. With a feel that hearkens back to classic soul sides of the ‘70s, the tune is a slow burn that establishes the

Take Five: Toni Basil

Viewers of MTV in its early years will readily recall Toni Basil, who celebrated her 79th birthday on September 22. Bouncing across the screen in her cheerleader outfit as she sang her hit “Mickey,” Basil made an indelible impression. But what many of those viewers may not have known is that as a dancer and

Take Five: The Tubes’ Fee Waybill

Tubes lead singer and founding member Fee Waybill celebrated his 72nd birthday on September 17. Founded in 1972 and still performing today, The Tubes were among the most outrageous bands of the 1970s; their music combined satire with art rock, and their uproarious live shows flirted with the edges of good taste. Complex and ambitious

Take Five: Pat Mastelotto

One of the most varied and versatile drummers in all of music, Pat Mastelotto celebrated his 67th birthday on September 10. Artists as varied as Hall & Oates, Al Jarreau, Eddie Money, Matthew Sweet and Kenny Loggins have availed themselves of his skills. His work spans many styles, but the unifying characteristic that ties it

Album Reviews: David Javelosa – Atomic Odyssey! and Modern Work Volume One

David Javelosa is an inspired musician whose work is primarily synthesizer-based. But his bent, whimsical and playful approach to music results in sounds that are far from the “serious” kind of thing you might hear on a Malcolm Cecil or Wendy Carlos release. Javelosa’s creative vision takes him in a number of different directions, as

Album Review: The New Mastersounds — The Deplar Effect

For more than two decades now, The New Mastersounds have been creating and refining their winning brand of fusion/funk/what-have-you. Right out of the gate, the result of their creative endeavors was impressive indeed. Their debut long-player, Keb Darge Presents The New Mastersounds (re-released on vinyl in 2021 and reviewed here) was a solid offering, but

Album Review: The Rockats – Start Over Again

The ‘80s alternative music scene brought with it a few revivals: the Paisley Underground reconstituted the West Coast jangle-psych with bands like the Long Ryders. And a roots/rockabilly revival got underway, spearheaded by bands like The Blasters, The Stray Cats and the recently-departed Robert Gordon. Part of that latter scene was The Rockats. First known

Album Review: John Primer – Hard Times

John Primer has an impressive pedigree; he’s worked as bandleader for Willie Dixon, Magic Slim, Muddy Waters and Junior Wells, which in and of itself is enough to warrant further investigation of his artistry. As a solo artist, he founded the Real Deal Blues Band in Chicago in the mid ‘90s; he has released a

Langhorne Slim and the Confluence of Things

As has been the case among the general population, creatives reacted to the lockdowns and isolation of the pandemic era in a variety of ways. Some found the lack of human contact and disconnection from life’s routines deeply frustrating. For others, the time away from familiar people and activities yielded an unexpected creative wellspring. The

Journey: To ‘Infinity’ and Beyond (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Part One… Though Raised on Radio spawned hit singles, on the whole it was less well-received critically. In the wake of that disappointment, and in the face of changing popular tastes, Journey went on hiatus for nearly eight years. When the band regrouped, Perry was again its dominant force. The brief reunion included