30 Days Out, Feb. 2024 #2: Get Right Band, Firecracker Jazz Band, Haken, Mark and Maggie O’Connor

Two acts based in Asheville, two intentionally-touring acts. A wide variety of genres. The so-called “quiet season” continues in and around Western NC.

Artist: Get Right Band
Venue: Grey Eagle
Date: Saturday, Feb. 17, 8 p.m.
Door: $12
Psychedelic indie rock” is a fairly apt description for what this Asheville-based trio does, but in truth it barely scratches the surface of their finely textured, complex yet grooving and accessible music. Four albums in, they continue to push forward. And they’re very good live. I’ve interviewed them multiple times: here and here will get you started. Rockstead opens.

Artist: Firecracker Jazz Band
Venue: Crow & Quill
Date: Saturday, Feb. 24, 8 p.m.
Door: $10
An Asheville institution, these cats have been around seemingly forever. And than goodness: they keep a particular kind of jazz alive for current listeners. I last spoke with them in 2020; here’s that short feature.

Artist: Haken
Venue: Orange Peel
Date: Tuesday, Mar. 5, 7:30 p.m.
Door: $35
Every so often – not as often as I’d like – I stumble across a new (new to me, anyway) artist whose music moves me, and then I discover that they have a rich back catalog to explore. That happened with Haken. Often classified as prog-metal, in their music I hear much more of the former and less of the latter, which goes some way toward explaining why they appeal to me. Hints of Gentle Giant show up, but with a heavier foundation. Their latest is a concept album!

Artist: Mark and Maggie O’Connor
Venue: Wortham Center
Date: Friday, Mar. 8, 8 p.m.
Door: $42
Transcending genre, violinist/fiddler Mark O’Connor has explored Americana, classical and (as a member of Dixie Dregs!) fusion. With wife and fellow violinist Maggie he focuses on the first of those, but it’s all good.

See you at the show!