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EP Review: Dennis Davison – Creaturefeature

I’m not sure what the current status of The Jigsaw Seen is; I haven’t seen any official announcement signaling their end (which likely came about some years ago). But I […]

Hundred-word Reviews for November 2020, Part One

Today marks the triumphant return of my hundred-word reviews. My last roundup of new releases in the form of brief critical summaries came way back in February, before the world […]

Album Review: The Jigsaw Seen — For the Discriminating Completist

File next to: Baby Lemonade, The Who, Fountains of Wayne Laboring just below the radar for more than a quarter century, Los Angeles-based The Jigsaw Seen have been releasing consistently […]

Single Review: Terry Reid + The Jigsaw Seen LIVE

Terry Reid isn’t a household name; instead he’s a kind of almost-famous name in the world of pop music. Those who bought records in the early 1970s probably saw miniature […]

Album Review: The Jigsaw Seen — Old Man Reverb

It’s nice to discover there’s still music like this being made (and released) in 2014. Crunchy guitars, strong yet guy-next-door vocals, and strong melodies are often labeled power pop, but […]