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Album Review: The Jigsaw Seen — For the Discriminating Completist

File next to: Baby Lemonade, The Who, Fountains of Wayne Laboring just below the radar for more than a quarter century, Los Angeles-based The Jigsaw Seen have been releasing consistently satisfying records since its 1990 debut, Shortcut Through Clown Alley. The group’s body of work shows its musical inventiveness and effective synthesis of a wide

Single Review: Terry Reid + The Jigsaw Seen LIVE

Terry Reid isn’t a household name; instead he’s a kind of almost-famous name in the world of pop music. Those who bought records in the early 1970s probably saw miniature reproductions of the Scotsman’s album covers – his 1968 debut Bang Bang, You’re Terry Reid, for example – advertised on the dust jackets of their

Album Review: The Jigsaw Seen — Old Man Reverb

It’s nice to discover there’s still music like this being made (and released) in 2014. Crunchy guitars, strong yet guy-next-door vocals, and strong melodies are often labeled power pop, but since that’s too often the kiss of death for a group’s commercial prospects, I’ll refrain from labeling The Jigsaw Seen thusly. That said, they do