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Five Overlooked Neil Finn Performances

New Zealand-born Neil Finn first came to fame in 1977 as the newest and youngest member of big brother Tim’s art-pop band, Split Enz. After moving to the front of […]

March Through Time: Split Enz

Back in the very early 1980s, I had a fake ID card. It wasn’t something I acquired to facilitate alcohol purchases; no, I just wanted to gain entry to the […]

Give it a Whirl: Split Enz’s ‘Frenzy’ at 40

A skewed art-pop band greatly influenced by Roxy Music and Skyhooks, today Split Enz is remembered chiefly as the group that featured Neil Finn, later of Crowded House (and currently […]

A Look Back at Crowded House’s ‘Temple of Low Men’

In April 1977, Neil Finn joined Split Enz, a New Zealand/Australian band co-founded nearly five years earlier by older brother Tim. Though he hadn’t yet reached his 18th birthday, Neil […]

Neil Finn: Goin’ His Own Way

Two Australia/New Zealand-based giants of heartfelt and intelligent pop music – Paul Kelly (a solo artist and longtime leader of The Messengers) and Neil Finn (member of Split Enz, founder […]