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Jamie Laval’s “Christmas in Scotland”

A deep love and understanding of Celtic cultural and musical traditions; a foundation of classical training; and a fresh look at celebrating the Holiday season: that was the recipe for “Christmas in Scotland: Seasonal Music and Stories from Celtic Lands,” a holiday show at Asheville’s Isis Theatre on December 27, 2013. Hosted by award-winning fiddler

‘Tis the Season…

Okay, not everyone likes Christmas. Some are turned off by the commercial character of a day that is supposedly to commemorate the central figure of Christianity (a child who – most Biblical scholars agree – was born in the spring, by the way). Others dislike it for the music. I don’t subscribe to either of

Happy Xmas

Today I (like you, I hope) am taking a day off to enjoy time with those I love and cherish. Normal blogging will resume tomorrow; this is “interview week” on the blog. Thanks for stopping by; below are a couple little treats for ya. Follow “the_musoscribe” on Twitter and get notified when new features, reviews

Album Review: The Grip Weeds – Under the Influence of Christmas

I suspect I’m not alone in my thinking that holiday-themed albums are often greeted with some trepidation. Oftentimes saccharine sentimentality trumps all, and the results are mawkish, half-baked or otherwise ill-advised. For every “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” there are three like “Wonderful Christmastime.” The occasional inspired concept album comes along: witness The Husky Team‘s

Holiday Roundup 2010

Every year around this time, various artists and labels take a shot at getting their piece of the holiday shopper’s dollar. Some efforts are more successful than others, and sometimes good collections fly under the radar. Today we’ll take a look at four titles aimed at the 2010 holiday season. Christmas With the O’Jays is

Holiday Music: Christmas in Memphis

Way back in ancient history (well, late 2002) a bunch of friends and musicians dubbed themselves Husky Team and got together for a quick, one-off project: recording a bunch of holiday classics with a twist. What they did and who they are make this a worthwhile departure from the normal let-it-snow Christmas collections that come