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Fantasy Festival: Yep Roc 15

I’m not a fan of professional team spectator sports; that kind of thing has never held any fascination for me. But I sort of understand why others like it, I guess. I also (thank goodness) don’t work in a cube-farm office – got that out of my system back in the mid 90s – so

I’d Like Your Advice…

I’m headed to the Hopscotch Festival later this week in (relatively) nearby Raleigh NC. There is a loooong list of bands appearing. I know several that fall into the must-see category for me; The dBs are first among these. I plan on checking out the Jesus and Mary Chain (I bought Psycho Candy when it

Happy Labor Day: The Bus Boys

In honor of Labor Day here in the USA, I’m taking a day-long break from regular posting on the blog. (Yeah, 350+ words constitutes a “break” from my point of view.) But I can’t go a weekday without chiming in about something music-related, so I’ll mention a group I had the pleasure of seeing waaay

Get Me to the Copyright Lawyer On Time

From 2002 to mid 2005 I led a band called The Echoes of Tyme. Our concept – most all of my bands have what’s known as “high concept” – was to play Nuggets-style garage/psychedelic rock. The more obscure, the better. One song we did was a cover of The Electric Prunes‘ “Are You Lovin’ Me

It Was 55 Years Ago Today…

Sure, it’s a tired conversational device to say, “Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been X years since Y happened.” But when it’s true, it’s true. In today’s case, X = 55 years and Y = the day a sixteen year old John Lennon and a just-fifteen Paul McCartney met at St. Peter’s Church Hall

Musoscribe at Three

It’s been just about three years since I started this blog. So on this occasion, I’m taking the opportunity to look back, and to look forward a bit as well. The whole reason I got into the music journalism gig was to establish some level of “street cred.” Long ago – approaching two decades ago,

Another Gig From Hell: Skate-a-long USA

Everyone’s familiar with the all-purpose old saying, “I was _____ before _____ was cool.” My own true-to-life variant of that is this: I was in an 80s cover band…in the 80s. And it was pretty cool. For the year and a half apex of our collective career, we gigged regularly and made decent money (by

Musoscribe at Ignite Asheville is Tomorrow (yikes)

Tomorrow – Tuesday, February 21, 2012 – I will be giving what’s called a “lightning talk” at an event called Ignite Asheville. The format is deceptively simple. Presenters – I’m one of eleven ten – are each given exactly five minutes to speak on a topic of their choosing (we submitted proposals and were chosen

My Worst Gig Ever: Frank’s in Kennesaw

Back in, oh, it must have been 1985 or so, I played in a cover band called Remote Control. Based in metro Atlanta, we got a good bit of work. This was back in the day when venues and organizations would actually pay for, y’know, live music. I still have copies of many of the

A Thanksgiving Thank-you

Maybe you’re the sort who doesn’t spend Thanksgiving in front of a television, watching men run up and down a field in funny costumes. Further, maybe you didn’t eat so much turkey on Thanksgiving to cause a tryptophan-induced coma (or maybe it hasn’t kicked in yet). Or maybe you’re not reading this humble little note