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Vote for Me! Please!

When I started this whole music journo writing gig many years ago, part of my motivation was to build some “street cred” that I could leverage when proposing one of a few book ideas I have rolling around in my head. It never occurred to me that I might (even on rare occasions) stand up

Concert Preview: The Who

I’m very excited to be going to see The Who in concert in Greenville SC, just down the hill from our mountains tonight. It will be the third time I’ve seen the group onstage. The first time was in 1980. Not that final “farewell” tour, but a short mini-tour that took the band to a

Yep Roc 15 Preview

AMA Field Report: Memphis in Nashville

The Americana Music Association Conference and Festival took place September 18-22 in Nashville TN. As a first-time attendee – and as one whose tastes don’t fall neatly into the Americana category – I did my best to go with an open mind. Good thing: the AMA turned out to be perhaps the best festival I’ve

Fantasy Festival: Yep Roc 15

I’m not a fan of professional team spectator sports; that kind of thing has never held any fascination for me. But I sort of understand why others like it, I guess. I also (thank goodness) don’t work in a cube-farm office – got that out of my system back in the mid 90s – so

I’d Like Your Advice…

I’m headed to the Hopscotch Festival later this week in (relatively) nearby Raleigh NC. There is a loooong list of bands appearing. I know several that fall into the must-see category for me; The dBs are first among these. I plan on checking out the Jesus and Mary Chain (I bought Psycho Candy when it

Happy Labor Day: The Bus Boys

In honor of Labor Day here in the USA, I’m taking a day-long break from regular posting on the blog. (Yeah, 350+ words constitutes a “break” from my point of view.) But I can’t go a weekday without chiming in about something music-related, so I’ll mention a group I had the pleasure of seeing waaay

Get Me to the Copyright Lawyer On Time

From 2002 to mid 2005 I led a band called The Echoes of Tyme. Our concept – most all of my bands have what’s known as “high concept” – was to play Nuggets-style garage/psychedelic rock. The more obscure, the better. One song we did was a cover of The Electric Prunes‘ “Are You Lovin’ Me

It Was 55 Years Ago Today…

Sure, it’s a tired conversational device to say, “Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been X years since Y happened.” But when it’s true, it’s true. In today’s case, X = 55 years and Y = the day a sixteen year old John Lennon and a just-fifteen Paul McCartney met at St. Peter’s Church Hall

Musoscribe at Three

It’s been just about three years since I started this blog. So on this occasion, I’m taking the opportunity to look back, and to look forward a bit as well. The whole reason I got into the music journalism gig was to establish some level of “street cred.” Long ago – approaching two decades ago,