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Another Gig From Hell: Skate-a-long USA

Everyone’s familiar with the all-purpose old saying, “I was _____ before _____ was cool.” My own true-to-life variant of that is this: I was in an 80s cover band…in the 80s. And it was pretty cool. For the year and a half apex of our collective career, we gigged regularly and made decent money (by

Musoscribe at Ignite Asheville is Tomorrow (yikes)

Tomorrow – Tuesday, February 21, 2012 – I will be giving what’s called a “lightning talk” at an event called Ignite Asheville. The format is deceptively simple. Presenters – I’m one of eleven ten – are each given exactly five minutes to speak on a topic of their choosing (we submitted proposals and were chosen

My Worst Gig Ever: Frank’s in Kennesaw

Back in, oh, it must have been 1985 or so, I played in a cover band called Remote Control. Based in metro Atlanta, we got a good bit of work. This was back in the day when venues and organizations would actually pay for, y’know, live music. I still have copies of many of the

A Thanksgiving Thank-you

Maybe you’re the sort who doesn’t spend Thanksgiving in front of a television, watching men run up and down a field in funny costumes. Further, maybe you didn’t eat so much turkey on Thanksgiving to cause a tryptophan-induced coma (or maybe it hasn’t kicked in yet). Or maybe you’re not reading this humble little note

One That Should’ve Got Away

“You should’ve seen the one that got away!” Everyone knows the old fisherman’s joke about the impossibly large and hopelessly impressive fish that wriggled off the hook. It’s part of the good-natured lore of the sport to jokingly boast of a record-breaking catch that – conveniently – can’t be verified. Music has its own variation

Shine On, Syd

Pink Floyd‘s founder Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett would have turned 65 today. In honor of the man and his music, here are selected relevant excerpts from a long critical essay I wrote for Trouser Press some years ago. — bk From the group’s radical beginnings in the London underground scene of the mid 1960s to

Just an Observation…

Hey Ciara, or Cialis, or whatever your name is: Styx just called. They want their album cover back. Follow “the_musoscribe” on Twitter and get notified when new features, reviews and essays are published.

What I’m Listening To, and When, and Why

People often ask me — honestly, they actually do — how I decide what music to listen to at any given moment, considering that I have a large collection. (At present my vinyl LP collection is approaching 5000, and my CD/CDR collection is well past that number.) The answer depends largely on what I’m truing

The Top Five Things I Learned at Margaritaville

I’ve been playing in cover bands on and off — mostly on — since around 1980. With the exception of some years — the late 80s to early 90s — set aside to be a young married with young kids, I’ve been in one or another covers band, and have had great fun doing so.

The Buzztones’ Show of Excellence

Way back in 2002 I put together a band to play covers of some of my favorite music. Then as now I was especially into mid 60s garage, psych and proto-punk. In addition to that music’s vitality and immediacy, much of it had the handy benefit of also being relatively easy to play. I put