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Take Five: Notable XTC Tracks by Colin Moulding

Singer-songwriter-bassist Colin Moulding came to fame as a founding member of new wave/art pop band XTC. The Swindon, England-based group is perhaps best known as a vehicle for the songs […]

March Through Time: XTC

When one thinks of artists who earn well-deserved critical plaudits again and again, all the while selling records in diminishing numbers, XTC comes immediately to mind. As is so often […]

Album Review: Days Between Stations – In Extremis

I truly mean no disrespect to the man, but experience has taught me not to get too excited about any musical project that involves Billy Sherwood. He’s clearly a talented […]

Monstrance: Don’t Call it a Jam

After a hearty hello via transatlantic telephone, Andy Partridge asks me, “so, now, are you tape recording this?” I tell him I am, asking if it’s okay. “No, I absolutely […]