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Album Review: Frank Clare – Admiratio Magna

One man’s new age music is another’s neoclassical. On his debut release, pianist and composer Frank Clare aims for the latter. The crystalline and unadorned piano textures that grace this […]

30 Days Out, Jan. 2024 #1: Listeso String Quartet, Jackson Stokes, PAKT, Jiji

Happy New Year! The NYE holiday notwithstanding, we’re happily entering the relatively quiet period in Asheville when fewer tourists come ‘round. Happily, touring musical acts are back on the road […]

Album Review: After Ours – Music for Cats

One of the inescapable realities of being a music critic is that one only has the opportunity to cover that which one hears. And so – despite the most valiant […]

Album Review: Tu-Ner – T-1 Contact Information

If you’re seeking compelling and challenging music, in and around the orbit of King Crimson is a very reliable place to begin your search. The members, former members, friends and […]

Album Review: The Adam Deitch Quartet – Roll the Tape

There’s something truly special about soul jazz. The hybrid form came to its peak of prominence in the ‘60s and 1970s, combining the accessible melodic values of gospel, the passion […]

Album Review: Gray / Miley: Next World Sound Series Volume One

Produced by David Javelosa, this ambient/new age release features three tracks: two by Jane Grey, and two by Thomas Miley. Grey’s “Project 5” run in excess of 30 minutes and […]

Album Review: Gregory Lewis – Organ Monk Coming Home

This New York City based organist is immersed in jazz, funk and blues. And for his latest album, Lewis has chosen to interpret the work of Thelonious Monk. Fronting a […]

Album Review: Love Tractor — Around the Bend (40th Anniversary)

Forty years on, it’s too easy to forget just how fertile a creative ground was the Athens, Georgia music scene of the early ‘80s. Sure, everybody knows about R.E.M. and […]

Album Review: Martin Denny – Deep Exotica

Some readers of this blogzine may remember the 1990s, a period when – for a moment, at least, it seemed – exotica made a comeback. Exemplified by the self-consciously retro […]

Album Review: Chuck Owen and the WDR Big Band – Renderings

It’s more than a bit remarkable that the big band format has sustained into the 21st century, no less into 2023. But indeed it has, and much of the credit […]