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Album Review: World Party — Egyptology

World Party’s fourth album was also its best. Karl Wallinger’s skillful distillation of his influences – a dazzling grab-bag that included Sly Stone, Van Morrison and the Beatles as mere […]

Best Asheville Concerts of 2015

I’m always amazed and grateful that despite being a comparatively small market, Asheville draws high-end touring talent. 2015 was no exception. Among a long list of local shows, these are […]

Best of 2015: Musoscribe Interviews

To date, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of conducting more than 250 interviews. This year alone I did nearly fifty. And while it’s risky to pick favorites – I […]

World Party’s Karl Wallinger: He’s the One (Part 2)

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: I’ve been a fan and follower of World Party ever since the 1986 release of Private Revolution, but the album I return to the […]

World Party’s Karl Wallinger: He’s the One (Part 1)

For all intents and purposes, World Party is Karl Wallinger. Across five studio albums, a spiral-bound 4CD closet-clearing set, and a few best-of collections, the Welsh-born Wallinger has delivered a […]

Concert Review: World Party, Asheville NC 3 June 2014

One of the many joys of taking in a live show in Asheville is intimacy: arrive early, and it’s as likely as not that the artist you’ve paid to see […]

Album Review: World Party – Arkeology

Karl Wallinger forced my car off the road. Really, he did. It was sometime in 1990; I was driving in the car with my then-wife and newborn daughter as passengers. […]