Interview Roundup: Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren and I go way back, even if he doesn’t know it. I grew up with his music, though I missed my first opportunity to see him live. Utopia was on a double-bill tour with The Tubes, and I was out of town when they came through Atlanta. Happily, I got to see him not long after, on Thanksgiving Day at the Moonshadow Saloon in Atlanta, a date on the A Cappella tour. A few years later, Todd was doing a demonstration tour promoting the CD-i technology; after that, I saw him on the TR-i tour. Weird stuff to be sure, but groundbreaking.

The author with Todd Rundgren in 2008

I would see him in concert, meet him and interview him quite a few times after that. The most recent conversation I’ve had with him was early this year when we chatted about his time – very early on – in Nazz.

One of my very first published works as a music journalist was a 2004 career-spanning critical essay on Todd’s body of work, written for Trouser Press. Nearly 20 years later, I’m still at it, and – thank goodness – so is he.

  • Todd Rundgren (2008) discussing his then-current album Arena
  • Todd Rundgren (2016) discussing his then-current ‘An Evening with Todd Rundgren’ tour
  • Todd Rundgren’s Utopia (2018) chatting about the reunion tour (includes interviews with Willie Wilcox and Kasim Sulton)
  • Todd Rundgren and Joey Molland (2019) discussing the ‘It Was Fifty Years Ago Today’ tour
  • Todd Rundgren (2021 #1) discussing his ‘Virtual Tour’ with emphasis on Chicago
  • Todd Rundgren (2021 #2) discussing the ‘Virtual Tour’ with emphasis on the Bay Area
  • Todd Rundgren (2023) — just published here a few days ago, it’s a dive into Todd’s Nazz years.