30 Days Out, March 2024 #1: Sub-Radio, Hermanos Gutiérrez, Bob Dylan, Dervish

Indie pop, cinematic instrumental music, stirring and traditional Irish tunes, and the musical bard of the 20th century: those are the highlights in live music for Asheville in the coming 30 days.

Artist: Sub-Radio
Venue: Grey Eagle
Date: Friday, March 8, 8 p.m.
Door: $20
Combining chiming guitar-based indie pop with a vocal style that is inescapably grounded in 21st century pop, Sub-Radio manages to craft a sound that can draw in fans of both of those (often and otherwise mutually exclusive) styles.

Artist: Hermanos Gutiérrez
Venue: Orange Peel
Date: Thursday, March 21, 8 p.m.
Door: $30
From Zurich, Switzerland – no, really – comes this instrumental band of brothers with Ecuadorian roots. Combining classical, roots and ethnic styles, Hermanos Gutiérrez have a sound that might remind you of some of Ennio Morricone’s work. Beautiful, hypnotic, wonderfully melodic and evocative stuff.

Artist: Bob Dylan
Venue: Harrah’s Cherokee
Date: Thursday, March 21, 8 p.m.
Door: $55+
As one of music’s greatest-ever lyricists, Bob Dylan has nothing to prove. And that’s been the case for decades now. That means that he’s not touring to serve up the hits in like-the-record style for your pleasure. You get what you get, and on any even that could mean something transcendent or something, well, less so. So which Dylan will you get? The fact that you have an opportunity to find out is in and of itself pretty great.

Artist: Dervish
Venue: Wortham Center
Date: Friday, March 29, 8 p.m.
Door: $22+
The best traditional Irish music is rich in emotional content, played with precision and fire. And that’s what you’ll get with Dervish, a six-piece from Sligo that has cultivated a global following. Defiantly indie for most of their 30 years, Dervish earned a Lifetime Achievement award from the BBC for their work.

See you at the shows!