Album Review: NXTOFKIN — Where Did We Go Wrong?

In much the same way that many music journalists and/or critics (this one included) are musicians, so too are many record label heads, especially those of the smaller indie variety. So it is that Gordon Anderson of Real Gone Music released a fine solo album, Moon Man, back in 2020. The Real Gone Music head has a musical family as well; daughter Edie is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She’s all of sixteen, but Edie plays all the drums on Where Did We Go Wrong?, the debut album from NXTOFKIN. The group is really just Edie and Dad; between them they play all the instruments, write (and mostly co-write) all the songs and sing ‘em too.

Dad and daughter harmonize wonderfully in that genetically-linked way; that said, often as not their harmonies call to mind John Doe and Exene Cervenka of X, who aren’t related. The chaotic punker “Block Party” gives Edie a chance to rip out a lead guitar solo; this she does with aplomb, verve and more than a bit of genuine punk energy. The album is filled with bratty (in a good way) lyrics, stripped-down rock/punk arrangement, gonzo guitar (witness “Bad for Business”) and an indie rock spirit that makes Where Did we Go Wrong? a fun, convertible-top-down, fist-waving fun listen.