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Book Review: Punk Under the Sun

Who knew? Years before gaining a prominent spot in popular culture by becoming filmmakers’ go-to actor when you need to cast a character who dresses and acts weird, Johnny Depp […]

Album Review: Neon Leon – 1979-84 Singles Collection

Here’s one out of left field. I’ll admit a complete lack of knowledge of Neon Leon, but even a few seconds into “Rock ‘N Roll is Alive,” the opening track […]

Album Review: Real People, Great Radio Vol. 2

Indie by definition and indie in spirit, Real People, Great Radio Vol. 2 is a compilation featuring Asheville musical artists. Curated, sponsored and put together by community radio station AshevilleFM […]

Pussy Riot: There’s (Still) a Riot Goin’ On

Guerrilla performance art collective Pussy Riot has gained at least as much notice for its activism as for the music it makes. Originally based in Russia, the feminist protest group […]

A Look Back at Iggy and The Stooges’ Final Show

At the time, few if any knew that the September 29, 2013 performance by Iggy and the Stooges would be their final show. A centerpiece of the inaugural C2SV Festival, […]

Album Review: NXTOFKIN — Where Did We Go Wrong?

In much the same way that many music journalists and/or critics (this one included) are musicians, so too are many record label heads, especially those of the smaller indie variety. […]

Hundred-word Reviews, February 2023: Books

These books are all worth your time. ‘Nuff said, but then here’s more. Michael Goldberg – Addicted to Noise Goldberg is a widely acclaimed music journalist who has been at […]

30 Days Out, February 2023 #1: Mike Dillon, G. Love, Ron Sexsmith, Dandy Warhols

Critical success doesn’t pay the bills; commercial success can.Each of the artists featured below – all of whom are visiting Asheville in the next 30 days – has earned the […]

Album Review: J. Marinelli – Putting the World to Rights

Combine equal parts stripped-down punk and acoustic guitar troubadour vibe, and add a spash of honky-tonk c&won a few tracks, and the result might be something like J. Marinelli. Born […]

Album Review: The Mutants – Curse of the Easily Amused

The Mutants were exemplars of what can accurately be characterized as San Francisco’s “art punk” aesthetic. Formed in 1977, the band of musical misfits and art students combined the DIY […]