Album Review: Gray / Miley: Next World Sound Series Volume One

Produced by David Javelosa, this ambient/new age release features three tracks: two by Jane Grey, and two by Thomas Miley. Grey’s “Project 5” run in excess of 30 minutes and takes up an entire side of the vinyl LP. Glacial, analog electronic textures reminiscent of early Tangerine Dream characterize the piece, though there’s a dissonant, industrial feel at work as well. The track does explore different sonic landscapes, though; toward its end it takes on an even more space-rock quality. The package doesn’t tell us anything regarding how the recordings were made – instruments used, etc. – but it’s compelling nonetheless.

The second side of the record features Miley’s “Ice Factory.” Imagine, if you will, a dissonant, new age rethink of the music on Pet Sounds. This music is far more abstract, by there’s a playful quality about it as well. At certain points, the music fades to near silence, requiring the listener to lean in. “Mountains of Time” is a longer work, equally experimental and spare. It’s something of a companion piece – not to “Ice Factory” but to Grey’s work on Side One.