Album Mini-review: The Godfathers — A Big Bad Beautiful Noise

File next to: The Stranglers, Midnight Oil, Mekons

From the slashing opening chord – followed in quick succession by a thunderous and insistent bass line – it’s clear that The Godfathers have come to rock. Deftly combining a workmanlike meat ‘n’ potatoes approach to their instruments with a punky, edge-of-chaos mindset, The Godfathers go for the jugular as they create A Big Bad Beautiful Noise. Just when you think all of the primordial guitar riffs have been used up, this British lot proves that – new or not – there’s plenty of life left in stripped-down r&b-influenced rock made with conviction. True, this isn’t your father’s Godfathers, so to speak: only vocalist Peter Coyne remains from the group’s ’80s lineup. But the group’s timeless, enduring spirit remains intact, thanks to melodic tunes like “You Don’t Love Me.” With A Big Bad Beautiful Noise, this venerable London quintet engages in some serious truth in labeling.