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Book Review: Vinyl Lives On

Florida-based author/journalist James Goss digs his vinyl. Though he never writes about his own interests or collection, his abiding fascination with the medium of vinyl records shines through loud and clear in his writing. His first two books on the subject – Vinyl Lives and Vinyl Lives II – offered profiles of many of the

Book Review: Vinyl Lives II

James Goss‘ 2010 book Vinyl Lives was built around a series of interviews the author conducted with owners of independent record stores around the country. Woven together, these individual stories painted a picture of the state of this niche market. Consistent themes developed; chief among these was the idea that owning and operating a record

Book Review: Vinyl Lives

Vinyl Lives, the new book from James P. Goss, is one long mash note to the idea of the community record store. By means of a series of twenty-five profiles, Goss makes clear his love of this type of retail establishment. While popular perception is that record stores are a thing of the past, Goss