EP Review: Lynx Deluxe — Jungleland

Here’s something different. Lynx Deluxe’s Jungleland is a five-song EP that builds its sound around heavy beats. Not the electronic kind, though; this is no hip-hip or electro endeavor. Real drums, played forcefully and with a keen balance between complexity and sheer power, form the basis of these tunes.

The songs themselves are hooky rockers, and jungle sounds figure into the mix, providing a sort of conceptual connective tissue. The songs themselves don’t really sound like anyone else, though I detect a faint resemblance – in scope and ambition – to prime-era Bruce Springsteen. And that’s rarely a bad thing.

The EP’s standout track comes halfway through. “Mercy” has some honking textures that sound like – but apparently are not – saxophones. The keyboard sounds on the track are wonderfully overdriven electric piano. “Saints” is pretty exciting stuff, too, with an insistent riff providing the song’s intro while trombones work their way into the mix. “Steppin on Gold” has a slinky, soulful vibe.  Jungleland is released on Drivin N Cryin Records, and from my point of view, any association with Kevn Kinney’s band is a strong indicator of authenticity and quality. Do check it out; playlist and more info on the band available at https://lynxdeluxe.com/

Special note for Asheville readers: Lynx Deluxe will be opening for Drivin N Cryin when they come to The Grey Eagle on October 21.