Musoscribe at 12

This month marks the 12-year anniversary of this here Musoscribe site. I’ve been writing much longer than that, but I started archiving/posting my work online in June 2009. It seems like a lifetime ago.

As I’m currently consumed with finishing my second book, I’d like to pause a beat and take the opportunity to glance in the rear view mirror for just a moment. Here are some highlights from the past. Specifically, pieces that ran on this exact date in years past.

11 years ago I posted a profile of a local Appalachian fiddler.

10 years ago today I posted a fun Q&A with Danny Amis of Los Straitjackets.

On this day 8 years ago I posted my review of the soundtrack from the Big Star documentary Nothing Can Hurt Me. Yeah, I know; every critic of a certain stripe writes about Big Star, and I’ve done so many times. This album is essential for fans.

From 7 years ago today: A definitive compilation of music from the pride of Winston-Salem (a city rich with great music figures), Soul & Swagger from Rock Beat is a must-have. Dig this 2014 review of the album from The “5” Royales.

Three years ago I interviewed Josh Rouse. Here’s that three-part feature.

Humble Pie drummer – and all-around great guy – Jerry Shirley wrote the foreword for my first book. Sometime after that – two years ago today, as it happens – I posted a feature based on another conversation with him in connection with a Humble Pie reissue-of-sorts.

Even though Musoscribe is home to nearly 3,800 posts of mine, I somehow still feel like I’m just getting started. Lots more goodies to come. Thanks for reading.