30 Days Out, February 2021 #1: Skipping This One

As longtime residents of Asheville know, January and February are sort of the “secret season” for locals. The tourists don’t come, and for those of us hardy enough to brave the weather, the deep winter represents an opportunity to venture out to clubs, music venues, bars and restaurants without finding ourselves cheek-to-elbow with Charlotte bros, Atlanta bridezillas and the like.

But hey, there’s this pandemic that has taken nearly half a million American lives. And so while opinions vary as to what is responsible behavior, going out on the town is a dodgy prospect at best. Plus, many of the venues are either closed, offering reduced hours or featuring streaming shows. The latter (a) don’t provide much in the way of income for the artist and (b) are getting a bit tiresome anyway.

All of which is to explain why I’m skipping this installment of “30 Days out.” If things improve, it’ll return soon. It will definitely be back to let you know about Asheville musical goings-on when they’re, well, going on.