EP Review: David Browning — Now You See Me

Now You See Me is a three-song EP from South Africa-born electronic pop artist David Browning. Currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, he has a background working on Disney Cruise Line. He’s a family physician as well, but still finds time for a creatively fertile venture into music.

“Stay Over” opens the EP with a nice balance of electronic and organic textures. A hypnotic, simple chord progression played on electric piano engages in a brief dialogue with finger snapped rhythm. Browning’s soothing lead vocal is note-perfect and – this is important – it doesn’t suffer from over processing of the Autotune variety. As the the track unfolds, it traffics in more conventional and familiar dance-pop textures, but the strong melody makes sure that “Stay Over” rises above conventional offering in the style. The arrangement chills down toward its end, giving dancer a chance to catch their breath.

“Call Me When You’re Single” adheres more closely to standard electro-pop fare, and the dreaded Autotune does rear its overused head here. The message of the song’s title has pretty well been mined clean, but the melody is catchy enough that the song still succeeds for what it is.

“Always Inside” begins with a solo piano tapping out an insistent, minor-chord figure. Browning displays his stylistic range here by delivering a melancholy weeper, albeit one with such a lush arrangement that it’s difficult not to get swept up in its emotion.