Album Review: The Holloways – So This Is Great Britain?

Guest review by Annelise Kopp


This record may not be revolutionary, but it is a solidly good record. The first song to stand out was “Generator” with catchy guitar riffs and upbeat lyrics. The album contains the music video for this track which is just as quirky and amusing as the songs themselves. The video even adds aspects to the song, rather than over-simplifying what is put forth in the lyrics. “Generator” (like many of their songs) is almost cheesily upbeat, but still impossible not to put on repeat after the first listen. It’s a refreshing break from both bad catchy music and good music that takes full concentration.

The band pairs lots of harmony use with their charming British accents. Teenage angst creeps through the lyrics in “Dancefloor.”

“How will I get home tonight? I haven’t got no money. How will I find love?” They face many of the same issues that seemed to be faced in many songs like these. They can’t dance. The girl is unattainable. Life is rough. Despite these magnetic clichés, they set themselves apart. The Holloways use a few interesting additional instruments in their songs, such as an unexpected harmonica in “Two Left Feet.”

So This Is Great Britain? is like the Disney version of the Sex Pistols’ “God Save The Queen,” exposing political issues with an added charm and even a few love stories. Even when singing along to lyrics about whores and a false economy, you can smile contently and enjoy the joyfulness of the music.