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Musical Matchmaker: Paul Heumiller of Dream Guitars (Part Four)

Continued from Part Three… Service Brings a Smile Asked what he enjoys most about his work, Heumiller has a ready answer. “It gets back to that idea of service,” he says. “But really, it’s that look when we hand somebody a guitar, and we know that’s going to change their life.” He admits that phenomenon

Musical Matchmaker: Paul Heumiller of Dream Guitars (Part Three)

Continued from Part Two… Life and Livelihood Entwined With success, the demands of running Dream Guitars grew over the years; Heumiller loved the work but found that his life/work balance wasn’t what it should have been. A few years after relocating to North Carolina, he attended a real estate buying seminar (“a momentary dabble of

Musical Matchmaker: Paul Heumiller of Dream Guitars (Part Two)

Continued from Part One… The Inspiration of Handcrafted Instruments Heumiller explains the inspiration that guides him. “It’s a combination of things,” he says. “Of course, there’s my love of guitars and music, and how much guitar affected my life.” And he relishes the opportunity to match players with instruments. “I just had a 14-year-old classical

Musical Matchmaker: Paul Heumiller of Dream Guitars (Part One)

A dealer in the highest of high-end acoustic guitars, Paul Heumiller is in many ways an unlikely entrepreneur. While his company, Dream Guitars, sells fine handcrafted acoustic instruments from the world’s most highly regarded luthiers, he doesn’t even consider himself a salesman. Instead, he’s a guitar sherpa serving up metaphysical soul food. Heumiller’s interest in

Dream Guitars – Six-string Dream Catcher

Henry Ford famously put the assembly line approach into use in auto manufacturing in 1913. That technique — with its goals of efficiency and quality control — quickly became a worldwide standard and was applied to every conceivable type of manufacturing. Mass production and standardization changed the world in many positive ways. But the assembly