Album Review: David Greenberger & the Huckleberries – Universal Preservation

David Greenberger is a most singular artist. His music features his spoken-word vocals, backed by spare, tuneful instrumentation. This set is based on conversations Greenberger had with residents of two senior citizen residences. The music often delivers a character in keeping wit the subject matter, but these pieces are often more vignettes than actual songs.

Greenberger’s approach leans toward the deadpan side, though he’s never, ever disrespectful of those from whom he has drawn these “storylets.” If one doesn’t listen closely, there are elements of Garrison Keillor in the music and voice. But this artist is so unique that it’s unfair to liken his work to anything any else is doing.

Far, far, far from the mainstream, Universal Preservation is nonetheless intriguing, inviting and endearing. Listeners who are up for something very different are advised to give this disc – or any of the prolific Greenberger’s other releases – a spin.